Briefly about the new: Samsung Music Hub service will be available on all Android devices

    Today Samsung announced big plans for its cloud service Music Hub, which was launched last year. In addition to accessing the service through various Samsung devices, including Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, the company plans to open access to the Music Hub for devices from other manufacturers operating on the Android mobile platform.

    Samsung Music Hub service combines the user's music library with streaming music broadcasting and searching for new music. He competes with such music services as Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, Xbox Music and iTunes Music Match, and also has 19 million songs from the 7digital catalog.

    The European users of the service who have issued a paid subscription (€ 9.99 per month) have access to the cloud storage function of 100 GB and a service for selecting songs that are similar in theme to those contained in the user's audio library. As a free functionality, Music Hub offers streaming listening to tracks that correspond to files collected in the device’s music library (an analogue of iTunes Match service). Currently, the music service is only available on Samsung's flagship devices, such as the GALAXY S III and GALAXY Note II.

    Service Music Hub is a development of the American company mSpot, which Samsung acquired in May last year. It remains unclear exactly when the Music Hub will be widely distributed. According to company representatives, this depends on the area of ​​coverage, as well as specific transactions with music labels in these countries.

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