Android 4.1.1 and Flyme 2.1 for Meizu MX

    Greetings to you, Habralyudi! There was an opportunity to share with you a test version of the new firmware for smartphones Meizu MX M030, M031 and M032, better known as Meizu MX 2-core (16 GB) and Meizu MX 4-core (32/64 GB), based on Android 4.1. 1 with the latest version of the Flyme 2.1 shell. Details and a brief update process - under the cut.

    The firmware can be taken here ( or here (Yandex disk). There is an archive , which, after downloading, you need to drop into the Meizu MX root folder without unpacking. Next, turn off the smartphone and turn it back on, holding the Volume up + Power buttons simultaneously . A firmware update window will appear. Here I recommend that you check the box next to the line“Clear Data simultaneously” , the device will clear the memory during the update (so it’s better to backup), but after the update there will be less chance that the firmware will become unstable or behave unpredictably. Then you need to click the Upgrade button and wait about a minute, the upgrade process will take about as long. The smartphone will reboot and, voila, you have a Meizu MX with Android 4.1.1 and Flyme 2.1 on board.

    I want to warn everyone in advance that this is a test version of the firmware, we expect the final version from day to day, although the process of bringing the firmware to mind may be a little delayed, this also happens. The firmware is designed for all versions of Meizu MX - M030 and M031 (16 GB 2-core) and M032 (32/64 GB 4-core).

    You can discuss test firmware on our forumor right in the comments below this post. A detailed review of the new firmware will appear on the "hub" as soon as its final version is available.

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