Instead of the foreword

    Hello, Habrahabr!
    We open the blog of UNIGINE, where we will talk about our experience in developing software for real-time 3D graphics, creating games, solving technical, creative, personnel and other tasks.

    We have accumulated a lot of different experience over the seven years of the company's existence. We have developed a 3D engine for virtual reality systems, games, training, military, medical and other simulations. Based on their engine, they created the Heaven Benchmark - the first benchmark for DirectX 11, several other benchmarks, a bunch of real-time demos and the marine strategy Oil Rush for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Now we are preparing to release a mobile version of Oil Rush and are going to do a lot more interesting.
    We will be glad to hear your wishes regarding the blog format and questions. If you want to learn something about the world of real-time 3D graphics, ask us, perhaps this will be the topic of one of the following posts.

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