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    Hello! Not so long ago, the international exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2013 was held, and many companies showed their new products, developments, vision for the future and prototypes of devices that, in their opinion, people will use in the near future. And there are companies that brought tomorrow's technology to today.

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    One of such technologies, “Smart Home”, was demonstrated by us at CES, and most importantly, all the functionality is present in already commercially available elements, and the approach to organizing the system and managing the equipment differs from what is already on the market.

    The main disadvantage of the existing Smart Home systems is that in most cases the user is forced to either develop such a complex from scratch, selecting components and control modules, or use the services of specialists.

    It is also important that such systems require integration at the very early stage of repair / implementation into the existing infrastructure: power management, laying control cables, connecting devices to the network and many other factors should be taken into account before laying tiles, wallpapering and the floor will be paved with parquet.

    With our system, the introduction of “smart” components will not be difficult at any stage of improvement of your home, and the installation, configuration and use of such a complex becomes no more difficult to work with a smartphone.

    What does LG's Smart Home Services consist of (and how does it work)?

    Perhaps it’s worth starting with the connection between the devices. It is carried out over wireless channels: NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G. The control protocol is based on the SmartShare standard, already tested by time, supporting not only video transmission, but generally any information that can be used by this device.

    The second important component is the LG Smart Control application, which allows you to control connected LG household appliances using your smartphone or Smart TV. Synchronization of the “remote control” (represented by a smartphone) with equipment can be carried out including through NFC, which eliminates tedious setup and connection in “manual” mode.

    After registering the device, it appears in the list of available for management (and monitoring) from the smartphone: time until the end of washing, oven temperature, the contents of the refrigerator (to be honest, I can hardly imagine what is inside the camera ?!), current channel, recording transfers, control of a robot vacuum cleaner ... Almost any information (and function) is available from your phone, both on the sofa and outside the house. It remains to teach the washing machine to hang out and iron the laundry, and the intellectual bin to empty on its own in the proper place.

    Of course, someone will say that such a system does not allow you to control the light or. let's say the temperature in the house, but this is not far off: LG air conditioners have long been on the market, and the appearance of Wi-Fi and an intelligent complex for remote control in them is a matter of time. As for the intelligent light control, the company has not yet disclosed its plans in this regard, so we are waiting for the news. In the meantime, we offer you to watch a video presentation of the system with CES:

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    And would you like to be able to control household appliances from a smartphone or TV / computer? :)

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