AgileBaseCamp Conference: VALUE Driven Development, February 2, Kiev

    Program AgileBaseCamp: VALUE Driven Development is almost ready! We took the rapprochement of business and development through its understanding of the value of the product, the needs of users and development priorities. Presentations and workshops will reveal the following questions:

    Alexey KrivitskyAleksey Krivitsky Why fail grades and how to overcome the problem of deadlines? Artyom SerdyukArtem Serdyuk How to use Impact Mapping to clarify requirements and priorities?

    Natalya TreninaNatalia Trenina How to work on the vision of the product and the involvement of the team in its creation?Maxim KlimishinMaxim Klimishin How to achieve the “done” state and what is important for this to be done at the start of the project?

    Valentin KropovValentin Kropov : How to develop a supported application?Yulia PuchninaJulia Pucnina Why, when and how to implement development practice through testing?

    Pavel GabrielPavel Gabriel What social phenomena can interfere with teamwork?Nadezhda ZemskovaNadezhda Zemskova Cones and rakes of distribution: how to organize the work of teams?

    Alexander KorotkikhAlexander Korotkikh How do developers and customers understand and share each other's interests?Dmitry MindraDmitry Mindra, Julia Pucnina What are “katas”, and how can you perfect your TDD skills with them?

    Ilya PavlichenkoIlya Pavlichenko How to conduct retrospectives that really increase team productivity?Alex AtemasovAlex Atemasov, Max Kolodyazny What to do, and what should a good product owner avoid? A look from different angles.

    We will cover these and other topics in the conference program and short flipchart reports. We are waiting for you on February 2 in the hospitable hotel President of Kiev!
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