Design Camp: how it was

    In the middle of December last year, we organized our first Design Camp - a special conference for designers and about the design of modern applications. Today we want to summarize the first results and talk about how it was for those who missed everything.

    And, first of all, I want to say a big thank you to all those who helped make our idea a reality: first of all, the British Higher School of Design and all our excellent speakers.

    Records and materials

    Let's start with the most important: recordings of performances. In principle, the recordings were available on the conference website immediately after its completion. However, as for our other conferences, we made cutting of individual reports and posted them on , so that it would be more convenient for you to watch exactly what you are interested in, and also be able to download the clips you need to watch offline:

    Large workshop

    Small workshop

    Third workshop

    We also plan to add presentations to the recordings soon and we have almost ready transcripts / articles with pictures for those who prefer the printed version. In total, the proceedings of the conference are pulled by a whole large book (more than 250 pages of Word - and this is without pictures!), All of this we will sequentially publish here on the hub

    How it was

    It all starts with hangers and check-in.

    Participants pull themselves up and look around, meanwhile, they are already preparing fresh coffee with Windows.

    Misha Chernomordikov came to check how we organized everything :)

    A photo zone worked throughout the day, where participants could take pictures with letters.

    The team of speakers from the UIDesign Group (Nikolai Makarov, Vladimir Zimin and Olga Berdnikova) and Elena Borodina from QUELLE.

    Opening of the conference - tell us why we are holding it and the background to the organization of our design activities in Russia. Remember Bill Buxton and Megan Donahue.

    Keynote: Evgeny Gavrilov from the Windows Phone Design Integration Team talks about how and why their team works.

    Eugene talks about Harley ...

    ... and why the final design is often not what it is intended to be.

    And what to do about it and how they solved this problem in their team. Some participants finally found out who they really are - integrators of design.

    During breaks, participants are waiting for sweet muffins with Windows 8 and other activities.

    At the Nokia stand, you can lively feel the new phones.

    On a separate stand, everyone could learn how to paint mice.

    Nearby is a magic counter from Lebedev Studio.

    And also devices with Windows 8 from different manufacturers.

    Unusual devices: a large touch panel and ...

    ... display and control for a couple (displair).

    After the break, we return to the reports (also with breaks) ...

    Dmitry Karpov talks about patterns in nature and design.

    And that Windows 8 is great ... until everyone spoils the app with a terrible design.

    The participants are enchanted!

    Dmitry Chernogaev talks about Swiss typography.

    On the reports of the British full hall! :)

    " Coffee " awaits the audience on coffee breaks .

    Artem Kurenkov talks about the use of animation in interfaces.

    Umberto Giraudo shows how industry is changing and industrial design is mixed with digital.

    Interested participants outline.

    By the way, some viewers do it like this:

    I talk about the experience of designing applications for the conference.

    In parallel, we have two more tracks.

    In the small workshop, the guys from the UI Desgin mentioned above talk about service design.

    Then Evgeny Gavrilov in a separate session continues to talk about the integration of design, answering my questions and the questions of the audience.

    Nastya Larkina and Sergey Tomilov from Yandex talk about search design for different platforms.

    Vladimir Zimin with a small addition from Microsoft's Denis Kotlyarov talks about gamification.

    Finally, Yegor Gilev from Parcsis spoke about the experience of designing for Windows Phone and the intricacies of using the grid. Unfortunately, I did not find the photos, but I strongly recommend the report (like all others).

    Meanwhile, Lizaveta Romantsova from Lebedev’s studio demonstrates how to color mice using the example of Mus-3.

    The third workshop hosts reports from colleagues from the Mail.Ru Group, Usabilitylab and JetStyle.

    Yuri Vetrov, Alexander Kirov and Dmitry Kulagin talk about the experience of Mail.Ru developing applications for various platforms, including Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    Participants carefully study the program and think who to listen to next.

    Dmitry Satin and Vyacheslav Ivanov from UsabilityLab talk about typical design errors and how to conduct testing.

    Alexey Kulakov from JetStyle talks about his hatred of fish.

    The participants took away invaluable knowledge with them.

    All photos can be viewed in our group on

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