Mega data center can barely cope with the load

    Yesterday at around 22:00 Moscow time, Mega crypto hosting was opened for everyone . From the first minutes a stream of users poured on him. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” writes Kim Dotkom, “from zero to 10 Gbps filling the channel in ten minutes.”

    In the first hour, more than 100 thousand users registered on the site. “The most successful startup in the history of the Internet?”, Kim Dotcom joked about this on Twitter. Two hours after launch, the site reached the mark of 250 thousand registered users. Now it works intermittently. Even if you can go to it, then uploading files there is difficult.

    In any case, the launch of the project can be considered successful. Kim Dotcom woke up three hours ago - and immediately organizedpress conference .

    By the opening of the site, Kim Dotkom had installed several server cabinets filled to capacity with hard drives. Each of these cabinets holds 720 terabytes.

    A month before the opening , the installation of server cabinets began, about one per day, so it was planned to open a storage of 20 petabytes by the opening.

    “We plan to fill out 20 petabytes per month for the first six months,” said Kim Dotkom. “And we expect significant growth when the Mega API enters the market.” Software interfaces for working with cloud hosting should significantly expand the scope of this service, which is designed with infinite scalability in mind.

    “Mega will fill a huge vacuum. The demand for truly secure cloud storage services and data transfer is very high. Over the next two years, Mega intends to gain the upper hand in the battle for Internet privacy through numerous innovations. All services, from VoIP to video broadcasts and social networks, will be covered by partners through the Mega API. Power is to the people! ”Said Kim Dotkom.

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