Nokia has uploaded files for the manufacture of its own cases on a 3D printer

Original author: Chris Davies
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Nokia has released 3D printing files for the Lumia 820 cases, allowing users to create custom cases for their smartphones. The free 3D printing SDK (or, as Nokia calls it, 3DK) includes not just files for 3D printers, but also a guide to materials suitable for use, and all sorts of tips for creating a truly unique case.

Despite the fact that this is the first project of its kind, it resembles the functionality of the Nokia Xpress line, in which the Finnish company offered device owners the ability to easily change the appearance of their phones simply by wearing one or another of the panels. This is rooted in the Nokia 5110, released in 1998.

Of course, to make a case using files from 3DK, you need a 3D printer (or at least access to one). However, if you do not have this, there are many online services for 3D printing, which for a fee can print any model for your order.

Drawings of Lumia 820 parts are available here , a separate back cover model can be downloaded here and here . If for some reason you cannot use 3D printing, Nokia offers several ready-made cases, some of which are protected or support wireless charging.

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