Droidcast Issue 42

    droidcastHello, Habraobiteli!

    A week has passed and we are again ready to please all interested and lovers of the Andoid mobile operating system. For you, we will briefly tell you about the main events of the world of the "green robot" over the past 7 days, and also introduce everyone to the reviews of interesting software and toys that we managed to catch in the Market. Ready?

    In this issue:By the way, our Droidcast comes out in various quality and weight especially for those who love offline listening.

    And for those who are interested in software, we offer qr codes for download:
    • Video showroom - lovers watch TV shows
    • Mighty Grocery - or “store storm”
    • MyTariff - or “your mobile financial assistant”
    • Xeno Tactic 2 - Space Tower Defense
    • TickTickCall - or “time the conversation”
    • TV program - or "what to watch on the weekend?"
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