How to withdraw money from the App Store to a Payoneer card

    The promised promise is not three years, but only a few months. In our last post, we promised to talk about the withdrawal from the App Store and, here we are.

    Many Payoneer cardholders make a living from the hard work of an application developer. And each developer (or company thereof) sooner or later raises the issue of withdrawing earned funds. Payoneer’s US Payment Service allows you to receive payments from Apple, PayPal and Google and many others directly to your Payoneer MasterCard.
    The process is very simple: if you already have a Payoneer card, just contact us and ask to activate the US Payment Service.

    If you still do not have a card, you can apply at

    With the opening of the US Payment Service, you will receive American payment details (account number and routing number ABA), which can be used to receive funds from many American companies.
    It remains only to add the details to the App Store account and get money on the card.

    To receive a payment from, for example, iTunes, you need:
    1. Go to the iTunes Connect home page and select the “Contracts, Tax, and Banking” section

    2. In the “Bank Info” column, select the “Set Up” menu

    3. Select “Add Bank Account "
    Next, in the “bank country” line, select “United States,” then enter the routing number.
    The routing and account number information is located in the US Payment Service menu on the "My Account" page in your Payoneer account.

    4. Enter account number, name, in the line “account type” select “Checking”, in the line “сurrency”: “USD - US Dollar”.

    5. After adding the details of the US Payment Service, return to the “Contracts, Tax, and Banking” page and select “Set Up” in the “Tax Info” column.

    6. You must fill out a tax return form. Click “Set Up” in the “US Tax Forms” box.

    7. Fill in all the required fields and click “Confirm”.

    All payments sent to your US Payment Service details will be automatically downloaded to your Payoneer MasterCard, which can be used all over the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted for payment.

    You can also use the US Payment Service to accept payments from other US companies, such as Google. Owners of developer accounts on Google Play, who have the ability to withdraw to an account with an American bank, can receive payments to their cards.
    If you have a Google account, but there is no way to withdraw money to your US account, do not forget to visit this topic and leave your feedback for Google.

    You can contact our support service in Russian by mail support (a); with the department for working with Russian-speaking partners - partners (a)

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