PR-manager, as a “steering” company ship

    I decided to start my first full-fledged post with this ...
    PR (Public Relations, not Page Rank), according to Wikipedia - "... managing public opinion ..."
    Working in an IT company that specializes in SEO, gaining experience and adding it to already gained work experience in a site-building firm, gradually accumulating knowledge from books, articles, communicating with people, I realized that a wide circle of people is not very familiar with and understands what PR is actually doing.

    I ask you to immediately pay attention that in this post my ideas and vision of this issue will be presented exclusively. If it seems to you that I am mistaken, I ask you to present these comments in a correct and constructive form in the comments.

    From the experience of communicating with “co-workers on the shop floor” (I myself work as PR managers in IT companies) from other business areas, communicating with their employees, directors, and sometimes clients, I came to the conclusion that they all see the work of their PR ”In two guises:
    1) The face of the company (spokesperson, promoter at exhibitions, conferences and other offline events), which should attract and speak beautifully. (~ often, girls)
    2) A person who is looking for new customers, markets, etc. on their own (this includes the ability to sell, that is, really sell your product directly, and / or look for various platforms for marketing the company's products).

    By the way, a funny fact: In some companies, sometimes large ones, there is no managerial position for a PR company, since the management believes that this person / people are perfectly replaced by 2 secretaries and a marketing department. I personally fundamentally disagree with this, but we will return to this problem a bit later.

    As I said, most people see the work of a PR manager in the two points described above.
    In principle, the way it is and here I need to introduce a small clarification: There are companies that provide PR services (that is, they work for their export), while others have their own PR needs and have people who carry them out for their own company needs.

    I believe that, be that as it may, the work of a PR manager is not limited to the above 2 points, although it certainly can, and often should, include them. The main (most difficult) task of this post, in my opinion, is to create and ensure such a high-quality and effective internal work and company climate that the appearance created through advertising, offline events, etc., coincides with the internal look. That is, so that the client (job seeker, business partner, etc.), coming to your company, sees that everything you say in your booklets, advertisements, banners, etc. - true!
    It is important not to create the appearance of such a successful and favorable atmosphere and working capacity of the team, but to achieve this state of affairs in real time, constantly.

    On this, I will probably finish my post, but there are still many thoughts. I would like to look at the feedback and understand:
    1) Should I continue to talk about this?
    2) Is anyone really interested in my opinion?
    3) How do PR managers live in your company?

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