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    All the best and new to you, Habrauser! We have not yet promoted anywhere, so after opening you will know about it first.
    The fact that politics has become one of the most popular topics on the network is understandable even to the backward. It is also clear that the more we tighten the screws, the more discussions flow onto the Internet. Everyone speaks lazy, promises anything, and they call themselves and others as horrible. We thought for a long time how to structure it all, and decided to try to count all users on a traditional scale: who is left, who is right, and who is centrist.

    Some clever thoughts

    In political science, it was customary to place political beliefs on a flat scale from left to right. Now everyone understood that a simple division into “left” and “right” incorrectly reflects the real diverse political spectrum.

    Many of our politicians make economic statements related to the characteristic “left direction,” while they call themselves “right”. With party programs, it’s generally darkness, thank God that almost no one reads them except the authors. Many suggest using the Nolan scale. This is a “political compass” (showing, along with the axis “left” - “right”, attitude to economic issues, distribution to libertarian and authoritarian socio-political beliefs), proposed by the American libertarian David Nolan in 1970. If you, Habrauser, do not banned on wikipedia (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CF%EE%EB%E8%F2%E8%F7%E5%F1%EA%E8%E5_%F3%E1%E5%E6%E4%E5%ED % E8% FF ), then there you will find everything in detail.

    This did not suit us all, and we decided to count in each individual case. And they came up with the following - a service of political profiles on the politix.ru network. The site has already been created and launched. The launch, as expected, was timed to the promised end of the world on December 21, 2012, and, in fact, the beginning of a new era in politics.

    How it works?

    Politix.ru creates a dynamic picture of your political beliefs in the form of a beautiful diagram on the left-right-center scale. The scale is created based on the votes posted on the site. Voting can be added to any material or person. The answers to the questions are structured in such a way that one of the options (there are 3 in total) reflects the political views of one of the three segments of the political spectrum. It turns out beautifully. By the way, then you can fumble a profile on social networks and measure the tricks with friends. On your page in the Politprofil section contains all the information about the activity on the site: what I read, how many comments I left, in which polls I took part. By the way, the more often you take part in the polls, the more accurate the political profile diagram.

    As soon as you go to politix.ruand register or log in via FB, VK or Twi, and then take part in the polls, read and comment, you’ll have such a profile here:

    It also looks delicious with the almighty newfangled adaptive layout on smartphones and tablets, so that vote anywhere and from any device:

    On the cutting edge of progress

    Politix.ru developed for a long time. The main task was, of course, a diagram of political views. They coped with this task. The site is built on the principle of “objects”, each of which (article, quote, profile, survey, etc.) can be linked to another created object.

    They tried to make the design minimalistic and mega usable, so that the eye rejoiced and the saliva separated.


    What else?

    You need to vote based on something: a quote, character, material or article so that there is something to discuss. Therefore, on politix.ru, we also post many relevant articles and expert opinions. These are materials taken to create surveys from leading news and analytical portals or articles written by us. The team of our enthusiasts is growing. In any case, if the article is copied or retold on our website, a link is made to the original on the photo too.

    An important part of the site are quotes from politicians who, as objects, can be “tied” to an article and rummaged through social media. networks. Today's Internet is the world of microblogging, so we do not lag behind, but give all the most important in one phrase.


    Well, the last feature that I would like to talk about separately is the base of professional politicians - key figures in Russian and world politics. The base is small, but manually assembled and constantly updated. In it, we try to maintain the most relevant positions and statuses of people today. And the most interesting thing is that politicians who have found their profiles with us will soon be able to confirm their ownership and communicate with people on the site, leave comments and publish quotes from themselves. We hope it will be lively!

    We started recently. Needless to say, what was done with the soul, a lot of time and money was invested. We hope that the idea with political profiles will be a success.

    In general, Wellcome, Habrauser! Find out who you are by suit!


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