Ericsson has sold 2,000 patents to the “patent troll”

    Unwired Planet, recently better known as the noble “patent troll,” which filed lawsuits against Apple, Google, and Research in Motion last year, received more than 2,000 patents from Ericsson.

    Ericsson will transfer 2185 US and international Unwired Planet patents, about 800 of which relate to 2G, 3G and LTE technologies. In addition, Ericsson will give another 100 patents a year from 2014 to 2018. In exchange for this, Ericsson himself will get access to the Unwired Planet patent portfolio and some kind of monetary compensation.

    Prior to the transaction, Unwired Planet had 260 patents. Thus, the company's arsenal almost tenfold. Immediately after the announcement of the transaction, the company's shares rose 20%.

    Of course, it’s a pity to watch how Ericsson, who was at the origins of the emergence of wireless communications, as well as Unwired Planet (for example, they developed the WAP protocol, and we all remember the handsets of Ericsson - my second phone was Ericsson T20), it’s more about scamming, than research and technology.

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