Facebook offers to write a message to Zuckerberg for $ 100


    If you try to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, the social network can offer you its delivery to the main inbox of the founder of Facebook for $ 100. This fact was discovered yesterday by Mashable, although it is not reproduced by all users.

    Facebook, in order to combat spam, began experimenting with paid messages last month, offering to pay one dollar for delivering a message to the user's main inbox if it is not among your friends. You can send a message for free, but then the recipient can find it in the "Other" folder, which is often not noticed.

    The “Other” folder collects all the messages that Facebook considered unimportant for you. The message selection algorithm used to cause a lot of criticism, since most users did not suspect the existence of the second inbox at all and subsequently found messages that were important to them.

    So far, the social network is only testing a paid messaging system and it is available to a limited number of users. As a Facebook commentary to Mashable says, “We are testing some extreme prices to see what works to filter spam.”

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