City as a system: designing ourselves

    Good day, habrayuzery.
    Somehow, about three years ago, walking around the center of St. Petersburg (from Yekaterinburg myself), I thought - why is the center of St. Petersburg many times more pleasant? Compared with Moscow, Athens, other major cities ... I came to the intermediate conclusion that a person needs a place for walking and a wide perspective.

    A complete conclusion was formed a bit later, when we were walking with a friend in our city. He is a little techie (in terms of interest in the exact sciences), but rather a musician and artist. He spoke of architecture: “One cannot be combined with another! Do they even look at the surrounding houses ?! ”I was thinking about systemology or, when not talking about science, about a systematic approach.
    Then the thought flashed through my head: “What if ... Although why if ?! A city is a system, it needs to be designed, and not developed as necessary. ” I shared my thoughts with a friend. He supported them. So everything would be forgotten, if not for the announcement of some kind of competition that has already disappeared from the name.

    This is not important: we decided to analyze large cities and consider them as a system: what are the requirements, how can they be satisfied, how does one affect the other, and so on ... Who cares, welcome to cat.

    Of course, any work must begin with the formation of goals. In our case, the requirements. Hoping for TK to such an object as to the city would be too naive, and so we went the other way. We conducted a survey (all documents will be posted below) in which you can, if you wantto participate . See the survey results below. In addition, we decided to use the Maslow pyramid to form a general list of requirements for any human habitat. They themselves came up with something, not without it. One way or another, we found that most people are not happy with the current situation radically.

    Started to work. The emphasis was on modern technology. Two years of surfing on cnews, cnet, popular science, MIT technological review, habrahabr and other sites - and my friend and I were able to identify those technologies that can really improve our lives. To some extent, articles on the habr about the creation of an ideal personal workplace also influenced.

    The fix idea was a person’s desire to improve their living environment and at the same time their unwillingness to work for someone in terms of infrastructure. That is, people are not against installing benches in the parks in which they rest, and at the same time they are not ready to work for this because they are not used by them, but, I apologize, homeless people. There are many similar nuances and we simply could not physically take them into account.

    Then we decided to create a mental map (source .mm format made in freemind: the raster is too large, and nobody eats the vector), highlighting the eight most important parameters of the city. Things went better. It immediately became clear how to organize the infrastructure. Three city schemes were drawn: 1 , 2 , 3

    Well, then the matter remained for small - to write the text. I immediately warn you, the text does not pretend to be scientific, since we wanted to convey the whole picture. In the future, work on the details is possible if the community is interested.
    Community, are you interested in? The work is transferred to the public domain (CC0), so everyone can create.

    Now a few words, why do I need all this.
    I am a perfectionist. That is, not really ... I think that we can do better than it is now. But good, not perfect, but better. The same goes for Humanity. I think that progress will make it better. But for this it is necessary not to come up with costumes for dogs (let critics forgive me such a free interpretation of Bradbury), but to improve the human condition. Which, in turn, is intended to be done by automation and robotics. While working on this thing, my friend and I just wanted to try to make the world a little better. Now you can kick. But, nevertheless, we will be glad to constructive criticism.

    And now a small bonus ... I wrote a story for one of the contests in order to better explain this project. I tried to publish it on Habré, but the UFO did not let go. So now I just turn it on here.
    To read

    In the 79th year of his life, the dollar billionaire Yuri wanted something new. He was on cruises of various kinds, he conquered the peaks, went down into the hollows, in a word, which he did not do. So he would have gone all the way if not for his passion - technology. He tried to stand at the helm of progress, looking for promising research and encouraging them financially. However, every year it became more and more difficult. Even him. Therefore, increasingly, he shifted the work to his subordinates, even though he had no such habit before. Old Yuri ...

    And now, looking at the world map and trying to find a place where he had not yet been, he became bored. He recalled his student years, when he only wanted to leave somewhere, to discover something new ... Then this prospect seemed much more real. Yuri hypnotized his eyes for so long that the sensor worked and turned off the screen. Yuri got up, the map showed up. Then his gaze fell on an undeveloped piece of the Earth ... Siberia. So big, so rich and so empty. Why do not Russians master it? The people are not bad. Yuri remembered Russia. He lived there in his youth. He remembered the nature and how the men chopped wood. Even then, they used the chainsaws with might and main, and these men waved their axes with might and main, not at all inferior to the finals with chainsaws in speed. It was weird: why cannot such people even master Siberia? But almost immediately, he remembered everything else ... It became sad. There are always not enough people who could organize everyone, raise them to the cause. A crazy thought slipped into Yuri’s brain. “And why not?” He answered himself, and with a firm step went to the office.

    It was 18:43 in Quebec and Yuri pressed the urgent meeting button. In half an hour his whole team will be assembled. They had to solve an interesting problem that Yuri came up with for himself. Siberia ... Yuri smiled and sat down so as not to disturb the bones once again. All that he could wish for was in his accessibility, but he was content with his mind. Gradually, the idea took shape and did not seem so unrealizable.

    Half an hour passed quickly, and Yuri immediately asked those who had been with him for many years, those who could what he could not, those whom he could entrust with almost everything except his thoughts - his team. He asked them to show their homes. Everyone was surprised, but did it: Yuri never let them down. One by one, images of interior rooms were displayed on his screens and everywhere, everywhere his hunch was confirmed! Yuri was happy and immediately began to say:

    “You are probably wondering what my previous request related to.” I wanted to check how those who work with the mind live, how the people live who can make out of nothing - a million. How thinkers and practitioners live, how you live. Each of you furnishes everything as he sees fit. Each of you thoughtfully sat on the project of his house. Each of you realized everything there that his environment should shape: technology, nature, various hobbies ... A person always creates and remakes everything for himself. Now look at the street, remember how they live in these megalopolises, remember the recent trip to Tokyo or last year’s trip to Africa. Are people happy? Not. In terms of housing - no. Long gone are the days when a person needed only a roof over his head, now he needs room for creativity! And now, my dears, open the world map and look at Siberia. How do you like her?

    In response, Yuri heard silence and, sometimes, the sound of keys. Although his tirades were often pronounced, an urgent call button was not used every day. Yuri understood this, he was waiting.
    The first to answer was a young German who was recently accepted into this circle of friends.

    - I see. Do you offer to go hunting?
    - If you want, you can say so. To hunt for happiness. I suggest you, my friends, to do what was recently considered, if not unbelievable, then useless. I suggest building a city from scratch!
    This time the silence lasted longer. The German turned out to be the first again: young and practical, what can I do ...
    - Well, let the city. We have money, there will be workers. Two questions - why and what?
    - To the first, I almost answered: I’m hunting, so that people understand how to live. Well, I also want my city to be named. I want to leave a mark on history. Most likely, this is my last major business that I can afford. You can call it ambition. But on the second, I suggest that everyone think together - for this I gathered you. So the city. Comfortable, fast, green. Safe of course. Modern, with advanced technology ... So that people would feel free. Suggestions?

    And again German. He did not sleep, or what? However, he was an irreplaceable and colorful employee. Head of IT, with a red mohawk, under two meters tall. The youngest - not yet thirty. He distinguished himself by sending an offer to purchase one of the promising startups to Yuri's personal mail. Very promising. Yuri invited him to his company as an information search specialist, but soon promoted him to the head of the IT department: Heinrich had a huge talent.

    - Yes. Stable to stand for a long time. Maybe we’ll draw an associative map?

    Then everyone else started to connect. As always, the work began to boil.

    Yuri liked brainstorming: he again felt young, able to turn mountains. Only then he had a good imagination, and now the opportunity to do it. Now he didn’t even know which was better ...

    About an hour later, the card was ready. An hour break was announced. Yuri got up, walked around a bit, stretched out, and asked to bring dinner. Soon he was done away with and he ruled the map a bit, seeing that his colleagues were doing the same. The great thing is this internet! Canada and Australia, and the delay is only a second! The break was drawing to a close. Everyone gathered at the desktop again to continue work. And soon the associative card was finally ready. It turned out to be quite large and branched, such that Yuri remembered an oak growing (or growing?) In his garden.

    - Yes, by the way, we need more trees. The city should be full of greenery, after all, “light” land.

    A flood of memories from childhood surged through him. He remembered how wonderful it was to play with his brothers in the country, how much space and beauty there was! And in the city there was always not enough free space, greenery, everything was very compact and fussy. He remembered that happy time when there was enough imagination and energy, when you didn’t have to worry about something, because you had parents ... When you could run around the yard all day and go on a camping trip in the evening in the nearest forest. Since that time, Yuri’s passion for hiking was born: there you can rely only on yourself and not friends. It is necessary ...

    - It would not hurt to make a large number of recreational areas, he added. Or maybe we’ll ban almost all private transport to hell? After all, it brings a lot of problems, from the abundance of accidents to ordinary traffic jams.
    Are you sure that people will want to part with him? This gave the floor to the oldest person in their team. The gray-haired psychologist, Ph.D., once helped Yuri in a very difficult situation. Formally, he did not work for their common company, but he monitored the well-being of the people who worked in it. His name was Demetrius.
    -I think that they will not mind if we ensure the continuous and uninterrupted functioning of public transport.

    But then someone from the board of directors of the logistics department was indignant.

    -But how? Indeed, for example, in winter, he will notice all the roads, and how will public utilities manage to remove them? Everyone knows what cold weather can be in Siberia. From my own experience I can say that it is very difficult to deal with transportation at such a time. This man, firmly knocked down and with powerful hands, was once engaged in transportation in one of the first enterprises of Yuri. Then he sent a rational proposal to improve working conditions with justification and economic calculations. This struck Yuri so much that he let him lead the task. Klaus, and that is exactly what his parents called him after his grandfather, did even better than suggested: another idea came up in his bright head.

    But here, an experienced specialist from the innovation department, Nikolai, came to the rescue, seemingly put on a stupor by Yuri. They had known Yuri since graduate school. Then for some time they did not see each other at all and did not communicate. But one venture Yuri forced to turn to the company in which Nikolai worked. Then our hero wise life got his first capital, later he called him to him, and he happily agreed. He often helped Yuri find fundamentally new and original solutions that always turned out to be justified and profitable. Its hallmark has always been the speed of thinking, sometimes very ornate. So now, Nikolai managed to find a practical solution rather quickly.

    - So nothing prevents us from placing transport communications and communication lines underground. There they have at least snow, that heat, even heavy rain. And everything is reliable and environmentally friendly, at least while the practice of the metro and electric transport shows just that.

    Well, the security guard did not fail to insert his word:

    - And with shelters there is less trouble.

    To which Yuri objected that they are still needed. So, just in case.

    Klaus expressed doubt about the justification of the costs, to which Yuri objected that it was not a matter of costs. We discussed transport for quite some time, without arriving at anything fundamentally new.

    After some not very large-scale improvements, everyone came to the common opinion that it would be nice for the city to constantly update and improve, while minimally spending resources. Systems are needed that could work independently of humans, weather conditions and other factors. It was concluded that such a result can only be achieved by an abundance of automated systems, moreover, preferably containing self-learning programs. Then came the finest hour of the guys from the IT department.

    And then it started ...

    Especially actively the young Japanese Setoshi spoke and spoke on this issue. Brought up in an engineer’s family, who spent a lot of time with his father at work, he absorbed interest in new technologies from early childhood. How he joked that he began to be interested in them before he began to walk. And he collected the receivers before he learned to count. He always felt sorry for the workers whom he had seen at his father’s factory. Sensing their titanic work, he always wanted to facilitate their work. Father encouraged his son's interest in new technologies because he believed that technology would radically change the world. And on this basis, he constantly tried to come up with some mechanisms and programs that facilitate work. So the young genius of information technology and robotics grew up. Once in the company of Yuri, he was finally able to realize his full creative potential.

    Setoshi and his team worked on total automation. Their latest major project was an individual, autonomous and automated nuclear bunker. He assumed a complete conservation for a hundred years. That is, a person can live in it arbitrarily and not suspect that he is under a layer of earth and concrete. It was provided with the latest technology. Cost expected to be desired, but fundamentally it is possible! Therefore, Setoshi immediately assumed responsibility for the development of the underground part. Henry took up the infrastructure, Dimitri talked with people ... Nikolai, Yuri and others either took over the areas of interest to them, or helped the rest as best they could.

    When the development phase was completed and the last plan was agreed, an important question arose. Will investors be interested in this project? As a result of lengthy searches and complex negotiations, we were able to agree with several large companies that worked in the field of IT technologies and could provide the entire city with automated communication, transport, factory systems, communications and much more in the field of software and automation.

    There were no problems with architects. To avoid problems with the external appearance of the city, its integrity, the entire development plan and architectural view were entrusted to the BuildingArtsCorporation company, which specialized in one of the new styles - bionics.

    At the time of the discussion, many asked the question, why bionics? But someone replied that this style is the most convenient and practical, allowing for non-waste construction. Who it was - we will not know. Probably one of the design engineers.

    The project was drawing to a close. Someone even started to draw it up. Someone who was more comfortable working not with ideas, but with papers. Suddenly a reasonable question followed - who would build such a huge city if a team of fifty people is needed to build one multi-story building? Where can I hire so many workers who agree to go with Siberia, and even work there a huge amount of time in harsh conditions? Everyone gathered thought for a long time until Demetrius, who had just drank his beloved Puer with gingerbread, joined the discussion.

    - Gentlemen, everything is very simple. Here we have 3 options that everyone needs to use. Firstly, there are a lot of villages in Russia where people suffer from unemployment. I think they are happy to respond to this offer. Secondly, we can attract volunteers. There are still people in the world who are capable of labor and moral deeds. As a result, we will recruit enough people to build the city. And in the third - guess for yourself.
    - But the construction is too huge ...
    - We will build in sectors, then we can use fewer people at once than we will build the whole city at the same time.

    Interrupting his colleague, Dmitry poured himself some more tea and continued his modest meal. Yuri was once again amazed at how easily his friends work on problems. Perhaps the main talent of Yuri is the ability to find the right people. He was always lucky with people. So now he felt that he wasn’t really needed any further: the specialists understood the problem, the specialists were working. For the sim, he decided to leave, saying that he would connect later. He did not need to motivate anyone: the task itself motivated something like a flight into space ...

    And there was very little work left on the general plan, where Yuri could help. Now, behind it, one of the most difficult things is to organize agreement at all levels, form a lobby and just find investors. Plus, Yuri was thinking about registering another company. Something like “SmartCity, inc”. He liked to spread each direction of activity by companies: it was necessary to organize less, fewer top managers, separate accounting ... There were minuses, and significant, but for Yuri the scheme of separate companies was more convenient. More than a hundred of them are registered in it in different countries. Yuri disconnected from the conference and connected to his working base. Looking through the entire list of people and their contacts, using filters by social status, hobbies and a couple more parameters, he looked for the right people. Who was there only in the end was not there! In view of that Russia was day, Yuri began to write letters. To each his own, as etiquette required. Turning on the good old music and sipping the good old brandy, Yuri remembered and wrote, put in each letter a spark, a glimpse of an idea that has already grown into a project and is now being developed into a technical task for specialists. This was his second talent - to be able to infect people with his idea, simply speaking sincerely about it. However, Yuri attributed this to their genius and accessibility. This was his second talent - to be able to infect people with his idea, simply speaking sincerely about it. However, Yuri attributed this to their genius and accessibility. This was his second talent - to be able to infect people with his idea, simply speaking sincerely about it. However, Yuri attributed this to their genius and accessibility.

    Suddenly brandy is over. As the list of people was also drawing to a close, Yuri decided not to be distracted anymore. The last letter soon left. Now you could connect to the conference.

    There was heated debate about the integration of infrastructure, the degree of automation and the culture of citizens. Since truth is born in disputes, Yuri also joined the discussion.

    It was long after midnight in Quebec, when all the survivors (some of them were Yuri lifted from bed!) Realized that they were working. Now almost everything was ready. The formation of TK was left for later, but for now all the work has been leaked to the web , laid out in the public domain. Suddenly, the community will pick up, how did it pick up many other interesting projects? At the last dose of air and sleep, they did a small survey , threw it into the network.

    In the morning (hereinafter, speaking about time, we will mean the time of Quebec) the first reviews were received.
    As expected, the vast majority of the current situation does not suit. Moreover, most of all people are not satisfied with their environment and infrastructure: people would like to see more culturally and educatedly, and infrastructure - more thoughtful, modern and reliable. Moreover, the bulk saw the problem precisely in the absence of a sufficient level of culture. And not surprisingly, because culture is the basis for the development of any person, and therefore, the key to the further development of man. However, you can see everything for yourself.

    Survey results
    Are you comfortable with the current situation in urban development?
    • Full - 3 votes - 3%
    • Partially, transport problems do not suit - 44 votes - 43%
    • Partially, they are not satisfied with architectural problems - 31 votes - 30%
    • Partially, they are not satisfied with engineering problems (Infrastructure, communications) - 33 votes - 32%
    • Not happy - 44 votes - 43%

    102 people voted, it was possible to indicate several possible answers.

    Which aspect do you think is most important in the urban environment?
    • Normal transport connections - 13 votes - 13%
    • Developed telecommunications network - 3 votes - 3%
    • Normally working housing sector - 8 votes - 8%
    • City autonomy - 3 votes - 3%
    • Integration into the global economy - 2 votes - 2%
    • Environmental friendliness - 16 votes - 16%
    • Resource Efficiency - 3 votes - 3%
    • Safety in case of emergency - 2 votes - 2%
    • The unity of the townspeople - 4 votes - 4%
    • High cultural and educational level of citizens - 26 votes - 25%
    • Scientific and technical potential - 8 votes - 8%
    • Developed social environment (schools, hospitals, benefits, etc.) - 14 votes - 14%

    102 people voted.

    What is your ideal access to goods and services?
    • Single points of goods and services - 9 votes - 9%
    • Self-service options - 41 votes - 40%
    • Automated terminals - 17 votes - 17%
    • Separate items (shops, agencies, etc.) - 17 votes - 17%
    • Unified order service - 14 votes - 14%

    102 people voted.

    Who do you trust more - cars or people?
    • Fully programmed and rigorously tested machines - 27 votes - 26%
    • Self-learning machines - 14 votes - 14%
    • Operator-controlled vehicles - 40 votes - 39%
    • To people with mechanized tools - 14 votes - 14%
    • Only for people - 7 votes - 7%

    102 people voted.

    Is it possible to solve all issues by a popular referendum if the principle of "one person - one vote" is ensured through "electronic government"?
    • Yes - 63 votes - 62%
    • No - 39 votes - 38%

    102 people voted.

    Which type of leisure do you prefer?
    • Music / Radio - 8 votes - 8%
    • Television - 1 vote - 1%
    • Internet and computer games - 27 votes - 26%
    • Hobbies (including reading) - 35 votes - 34%
    • Active leisure - 30 votes - 29%

    102 people voted.

    Are you ready to sacrifice personal transport within the city if a normal and high-speed public transport network is created?
    • Yes, the main thing for me is to get there - 42 votes - 41%
    • Yes, I already use mainly public transport - 41 votes - 40%
    • No, private transport is personal freedom - 8 votes - 8%
    • No, personal transport is necessary for me for business - 11 votes - 11%

    102 people voted.

    It turned out that people are still not ready for complete automation. Setoshi's hopes were crumbling like a house of cards: an alternative had to be sought. He immediately set about working on this issue, convening a conference ... After half an hour of discussion, just when Yuri joined, everyone came to the conclusion that full automation is impossible, because it is imposed. Yuri immediately remembered one of the fantastic works where a rational machine took control of Mankind, limiting the freedom of people in their own interests. Dimitri came up and called it the “Deus Ex Machina” syndrome. Like, since Frankenstein lives, one way or another, in everyone. It was necessary to find a compromise between this syndrome and the comfort that automation entails. A heated discussion began. So turbulent that resembled the New York Stock Exchange.

    Over the course of this dispute, several solutions have been found. The first of these, and the simplest, was that machines and programs should be under human control at least in the control centers of the entire infrastructure. Like, if something terrible suddenly happened, a person could turn off the “out of control” automated device. It would seem that the problem resolved by itself, but here Dimitri remembered the human factor.

    - So you want to give basic control to people. Do you think that in view of various circumstances a person can make a fatal mistake? Remember at least Chernobyl, one of the largest man-made disasters committed through the fault of man? The operator could correct the situation, but, like any other person in an emergency, he could not figure out the situation at least two steps forward! No, people are too imperfect to allow them to manage other people's lives.

    Yuri again reminded about the “Deus Ex” syndrome:
    - You yourself know that people cannot completely trust the machines, since they themselves created them! They know that cars can be imperfect, but it’s unforgivable for them. People can make mistakes - this is a fact that everyone understands!

    Exclaimed Setoshi:
    “How dare we decide who will lead the people?” Machines are intelligent, but this mind is not enough. This is what I say as a developer. Even the most advanced neural network will not be able to act in emergency situations! A man can! But a person can completely drown out the mind and be frightened by the banal! And the price is thousands of lives!

    Demetrius spoke in a cold, imperious tone, not enduring objections:

    - You're right. And yet, in vain do you think I mentioned a miscalculation for two moves? Everything is simple. When a person is controlled by emotions, he presses only one red button. When the mind takes possession of it, it becomes capable of plugging the plug into a power outlet. So it is here. While a person is under the control of emotions alone and presses on the alarm button, the machine controls everything. When emotions are muffled a little and the operator becomes able to turn the toggle switch also, he takes control. Thus, we will ensure ourselves from mistakes to the maximum. Of course, if the machine will be calculated simultaneously by another machine and only if they coincide, the command will be executed. The probability of software and hardware errors is excluded, the probability of a person acting in an affect state is excluded ... Is everything clear?

    Half a minute was quiet. Then Yuri got up and slowly began to clap. Ten seconds later, the speakers of all who were connected to the stereo conference were thunderous applause. Yuri realized that there was very little left.

    - Gentlemen, since we have solved almost all the issues and are ready to begin implementation, let me give you a couple more questions. R&D department, what do you have unspoken?
    - Nothing. There are a couple of promising developments that may come in handy, but we need to bring them at least to the state of working prototypes.
    - Well, keep me posted. Moreover, try to expand relations with R&D of other companies, try to buy promising work. You can talk from my time and spend 30% of the total capital. Financial, what do you have?
    - Yesterday we calculated a very rough estimate. If we do not cut funding and change financial flows, using all reserves, then we will have enough to build the entire infrastructure and almost two residential areas. After that, it will be necessary to come to terms with the fact that we have a complete zero of free capital and any drawdown will lead to a sale of assets.
    “It's not so bad.” I thought we weren’t even enough for infrastructure. Marketing department and PR department, what do you say?
    - If you start a huge aggressive marketing policy, like the one we did, capturing the lens market with displays, then in four months it will be possible to attract about 17% of our registered capital and almost all the necessary population. It will be more difficult with personnel; all information was transferred to the personnel department.
    - Human Resources Department?
    - When connecting universities and technical schools, we can cover this need by about 60%. During the consolidation and transfer of their employees - another 12%. Luring employees from competitors - percent 14. So there is a chance.
    - Okay, so be it. IT and Automation - what do you have?
    “I'm afraid it's not so good.” We ourselves cannot cope with the development and implementation of infrastructure. Either the community is connecting, or someone else. Otherwise, the work will take at least ten years.
    - Good ... That is bad. One can only hope for the community: no one was willing to share the risks. Only one friend of mine replied with consent, while complaining that all his money was spent on space research. Have you tried to contact the community? Cry there to run a social network? I think there will be volunteers as they were at the very dawn of STR. The transfer of all work materials to the public domain will only contribute to this. Of course, in addition to those that are our unique developments. Polycarbonate lenses, for example or something else. Lawyers, what do you say?
    - Russia. What else can you say? To build the same city in Canada, or where it would be much easier. There is a chance to go to the top level of the government and form a lobby there, then everything will work out. But this is either due to a change in the composition of the government, or in the presence of all kinds of resources. In addition, there is still a chance to enter the military-industrial complex. If they are interested in this project, only the FSB can give red light. And this is unlikely.
    - Well, then connect the information department and the PR department and try to agree on the implementation, because my connections are deaf. Now the security department.
    - Well, if we don’t talk about the strangeness of the venture itself and the high risks in the case of Russia, then everything is fine. We have been working with the community and volunteers for seven years, as set. Audit in other departments is carried out regularly. The possibility of intercepting such an easily implemented and so risky idea is very small. We already sent them recommendations on the work of the departments to their mail.
    - By the way, yes, send each other various recommendations, wishes, valuable directions and more ... Interact with each other! I had enough of your past failure when we lost the whole market, even if subsequently unprofitable! You cannot work on a complex project separately. Who made up the technical task with us?
    - System engineers. Soon to be.
    - Well, I'll wait for them, and you, as you get enough sleep and will be ready to work - start. I believe in you friends. Dimitri, if you can, stay.
    Everyone disconnected. There were no system managers yet and they could calmly talk. Yuri often needed these conversations more than air: Dimitry always understood him.
    - Dima, do you think this is real?
    - Really, Yura. You look at your guys. Especially on the young. Have you noticed the change in the face of Henry, Klaus, Setoshi? They began to shine. You gave them the task that they will fight over, as if it were the last. You gave them a goal. Maybe even a lifetime. For a very long time we did not do anything large-scale, sliding down to profit and dominating the markets. This project will allow us to live a new life, breathe deeply. He will attract such people that the rest will envy us. And this is your merit, Yura. Yours.
    “Yes, maybe you're right ... But still ... If it is so simple, if not only we can do it, then why has this not been done yet?” Any government can do the same, many companies can do the same. Why didn’t anyone think of it? Are you sure this is the right way? That he simply wasn’t found? After all, otherwise I will die with my company, and, as you know, I have not much time left.
    “I know.” But I can’t answer your question. Just a hint. Do you think Nikolay would decide to put his work in the public domain? Why do you think you decided to found a city right now? What do you think, who and how manages all other companies, governments and others? Who do you think will be able to compete with you in supporting the community?
    - That is ... It's about people, right?
    - Yes, Jura. It's always about people. You decided to do what others consider impossible. You made up your mind and infected others with your determination. You could.
    “I could ... Yes.” I could. I always raved about good and justice, about the highest role of Mankind ... Probably, this was what gave me strength.
    - Maybe. Well done, Yuri. Whatever happened, you were right.

    Demetrius disconnected. Yuri sat and sipped wine. He was flooded with memories of the country in which he was born. Large, huge, spacious. But which no longer existed for more than twenty years. He recalled that she was distinguished from the general world by the fact that there was an ideology not of enrichment, but an ideology of perfecting the world. Where they believed not in the dollar, but in a bright future. Where people went to work not because they wanted money, but because they had a desire to learn a particular profession. Wanting to deepen their knowledge, they visited various circles since childhood, classes in which often grew into a great love of work and a sense of demand. He nearly let out a tear. when I remembered the day when humanity first flew into space. And it was his compatriot, Yuri Gagarin, who flew there first. And he remembered everyone rejoicing and everyone thought, “Here it is! Here it is, which will give a new round to humanity. We will explore new planets. worlds. " And he was proud that his name was also Yuri ... And now? The lunar program was curtailed, they were in no hurry to fly to Mars, but space tourism began its development. But he was not concerned about the very presence of tourism, but about the lack of active study of the immense and unknown, keeping many secrets and mysteries. Really the desire to get rich overcame the desire to know in a person! Yuri realized that he could have done even more useful things for his life, but did not have time. And therefore, the desire to create a city in which all residents would comfortably flare up in it with renewed vigor. And this fire was no longer possible to extinguish, because the awareness of his mistakes, his inaction squeezed him from head to toe. And he was determined to do something for the young what it will be possible to strive for the benefit of all mankind. So, tormented by thoughts, he sat until the early hours of the morning and with difficulty overcoming insomnia, he fell asleep, for he could not stay awake like this for 50-70 years ago.

    System engineers sent TK to the general mail. Yuri watched without understanding. This will be done by specialists. Specialists should do everything ... Yuri gathered people, provided them with the conditions ... For him, the words of Demetrius and the sparkle in the eyes of the employees were the highest reward. Silently, he fell asleep.

    It was already the second month of project development. He was brought to his final stage. Everyone has already gathered in an online conference to mark this. Everyone was waiting for Demetrius. Five minutes passed, ten, half an hour. Suddenly, an alarming speaker sounded: Demetrius died. The heart stopped. He was found in his office, before him lay an archaic fountain pen and paper. On the last one it was written:

    “To humanity.
    I lived a lot and saw a lot. It’s time for me to leave. But before that, I conjure you, you keep the fire in your chest! Let the eyes flare up and let the hearts of the younger generation sing! I lived to see the great day — the day the Fire returned. I'm leaving happy.
    PS Yuri, remember, you're right. ”

    Tears came over Yuri. How? For what? No one could answer Yuri. He was right ... Now Yuri’s whole life has been reduced to the construction of the city. He had to do this for the sake of Demetrius. In his honor. In his memory. Yuri moved away from everything except from work. Nikolai, seeing his condition, tried not to interfere. Yuri would be grateful if I could pay attention to this. But all his attention was absorbed by work: how not to forget, where to improve, why it is not yet ready ...
    So three years have passed. The “underground city” was being built, the administration building was commissioned. Yuri had lower limb paralysis, he only moved on a robotic gurney. He began to see worse, fine motor skills disappeared as a skill.

    And so, on a snowy and cold day, almost in the very center of Siberia, a grand opening ceremony of the city took place. The whole company of Yuri, from superiors to ordinary employees who wanted to come, tops of governments and companies, the UN Secretary General, simple hard workers and volunteers ... Everyone who was not indifferent to the fate of the City. Under the square on which the action took place, the huge entrails of the not yet ready creature named City, ready for work and supply. In the administration building - a central computer, which was to be included in the operation mode. On the paved square there is a monument covered with scarlet velvet. On the square itself there were people who came not for the sake of spectacles, but for the sake of an idea. An orator came up to the monument. It was Henry who replaced Yuri when he could not work due to his illness.

    - This is a great day! Today begins a new era, when a person creates himself not a dwelling, but a house. Through the efforts of enthusiasts, this era was launched. Through the efforts of those who care about the future. Two stood at the helm. Yuri and Dimitri, you know them.

    Velvet fell from the monument. A sculpture was opened from the allegedly erupting from the granite of the globe, from which the rocket launched. Two stood on each side - a tall gray-haired old man with a staff, with facial features of Demetrius, and a young guy with the face of Yuri. They smiled holding hands. There was applause, which grew into a standing ovation.
    Henry continued:

    - I do not like to talk for a long time, and there’s nothing to say here. May the era change!

    He pressed the remote. The name of the city was displayed on the scoreboard of the administration. Electronic blood flowed through communications underground, once again checking integrity. Fireworks flashed. Yuri smiled. And he died. He died happy. At the moment of the change of eras, the parent of this era left, leaving his legacy to the next generation. There were tears in Henry's eyes. He knew. He was afraid. He was hoping. But still it happened. Now he is alone. One manages the company. One is building a city. One realizes himself in life ...

    He grew up an orphan, not knowing love. His biography is sulfur. He was convicted of cybercrime. But at the last moment he was released and invited to work. Henry did not understand why this was necessary. Then the promotion, work on the project ... Only two years ago, on the anniversary of the death of Demetrius, Yuri called him to his place. They talked a lot and for a long time. They parted as a father and son. Yuri adopted him, transferring his whole business. It was not a matter of adulthood, not inheritance of property, but inheritance of ideas ... That’s Yuri explained, looking at the portrait of Nikolai. Only then did Henry find out about Nikolai’s last letter. Only then did he realize what the two friends had actually done. And so, his father died. Henry was able to make his death happy. Now he needed to perpetuate his memory by launching this man-made creation under the name City into life ... There was a lot of work, hard, challenging and interesting. As always.

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