Elite: Dangerous has successfully raised £ 1,250,000. The game is scheduled for release in March 2014.

    The fundraising campaign for the new version of the classic game of the 80s reached its stated goal. Less than two days are left before the campaign ends. If you manage to collect 1,400,000, three months after the release for Windows will release a version for Mac OS. Another 100,000 pounds more - the game will be more by ten types of ships. Frontier Developments, owned by David Braben, one of the two authors of the original Elite, is engaged in development.

    As in the classic "Elite", the game will have an open plot and procedural generation of content, which means the game world will be immensely huge and interesting. In Elite: Dangerous there will be Newtonian physics, multi-user and single-user mode, the ability to land on the planet, thousands of items for trade and much more. During the campaign, Braben and colleagues were not idle - if at the very beginning the project page on Kickstarter looked rather concise and dry, then now there are tons of information, sketches, demos, video diaries of developers and links on the future game. Here are just a few of them:

    Gameplay video:

    “Cobra” on approach to the station:

    Sketches of different types of engines:

    Viper Mark II:


    Fight near the station:

    Also popular now: