Live Search: +7 Relevance Algorithms


    A short announcement for those who first visit our pages. is a service for quickly organizing a live search on sites of any architecture and complexity.

    Key features:
    • Creating a search on the site does not require special skills and takes only a few minutes. Site indexing begins immediately after the installation of the code on the user's site.
    • responds to the input of each letter of the query and offers the search results even before the query is fully entered.
    • Search results remain on your site, and do not go to the page to search engines. Search results are displayed in the drop-down box below the search field.
    • can show not only text, but also pictures from the pages of the site.
    • All search elements are easy to customize to the design of the site on which it is installed. The interface of design settings is extremely simple.

    Since the publication of the latest release (12.12.12), no fundamental changes have been made to the service’s functionality. Developers are engaged in further debugging the system and eliminating identified shortcomings.

    What is done:

    • Changes made to the relevance calculation algorithm. The top positions of the search results list display pages that are more relevant to the search query. Pages of low relevance are not included in the search results.
    • Solved a small problem with highlighting search results. Previously, word endings were not highlighted. Now the words are highlighted completely, regardless of cases and declensions.
    • Reorganization of full-text indexes is made. Search calls are now faster. Accordingly, searching on client sites is faster.
    • All settings functionality is now available in the editor, which opens on top of the user's site.
    • Fixed compatibility editor settings settings with some browsers.
    • The mechanism for resizing the search window has been improved. Now the window height can be made larger.
    • The identified errors are fixed. There is no point in dwelling on them in detail, because all of them are insignificant and practically did not affect the operation of the service.

    That's all for now.
    Please note - the changes made concern only the operation of the system. It is not necessary to do any reconfiguration of on the connected sites.

    Thanks to everyone who helps to improve

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