Webshell.io - command line for the Internet

    Webshell.io is designed to create prototypes and mashups based on the JavaScript API of various web services. Something like IFTTT , but for programmers. With it, you can interactively write JavaScript and CoffeeScript requests to the client and server APIs of Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other popular sites and see their answers in the console, as well as create your own applications, the API of which, in turn, will available to other developers. Webshell also supports rendering HTML from EJS templates.

    The creators of webshell hope that their service will be for the API what Github has become for open source software. With its help, you can create “remixes”, wrappers and combinations of APIs of different services, supplement and modify them. Today, there are more than 7000 open APIs available on the Internet, of which, like bricks, you can build new applications, similar to how you can combine Unix command-line tools with bash scripts. The name of the service emphasizes this analogy.

    Webshell is built on Node.js and, according to the developers, is ready for use in real applications, and not just for experiments. Now there is an open beta testing. It is supposed to monetize the service using limits on the number of calls for popular applications and affiliate programs for API providers.

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