"Shop" on Guideman - a discount for "Habrahabr"

    A little more than a year ago, we tried to promote at Habré. Since then, we have experienced a design change, a transformation of the concept, and an expansion of the team.

    In our " Store " we try to select only the best, most interesting and fascinating, without charging a price and very competently organizing all the processes of interaction with customers. There are about 10 days left before the New Year and we decided to give the Habr users an exclusive discount on all products except those that are marked with the Sale tag.

    The discount is 15% of the cost of goods and you can get it by leaving a request in the comments to the post.

    Just in case, I’ll point out that most of our products are not manufactured in China (USA, Estonia, Netherlands), we are responsible for quality and we do not wind up insane 100% (we work on quantity).

    Of course, the post will be removed if it receives more than 20 minuses. Holiday greetings ;-)

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