Google intends to sell part of Motorola's assets


    This is a division of Motorola Home, engaged in the production of set-top boxes for connecting cable television. If approved by regulators, it will become the property of Arris Group Inc., reports Reuters.

    The transaction amount is expected to be $ 2.35 billion. At the same time, Arris Group will provide both cash and about 15.7% of its shares as payment. Company management plans to complete the deal over the next six months.

    The search engine is primarily interested in Motorola's patent in telecommunications. The portfolio includes more than 17 thousand copyrighted developments. Their use will help Google strengthen its position in the smartphone market and actively promote the Android operating system.

    Despite the fact that Motorola Home assets are a highly profitable enterprise with annual revenues of $ 3.4 billion, $ 897 million, Google intends to focus on mobile devices and applications.

    Google is not the only company that wants to get out of this business. Last month, Cisco also set out to sell Scientific Atlanta, which, along with Motorola, has a duopoly in the digital receiver market.

    Sources: RBC and the New York Post

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