Intel CEO may be Nvidia CEO Jen-Sen Juan

    Resource Bright Side Of News, citing its sources, writes that the new head of Intel may be one of the founders and CEO of Nvidia - Jen-Sen Huang (Jen-Hsun Huang).
    And then Nvidia itself could be acquired by Intel.

    It is known that Intel had already made attempts to take over Nvidia (after AMD took over ATI), but Jen-Sen Juan, who enjoys wide support from the board of directors, did not agree to the terms offered by Intel. In addition, there were great doubts that US antitrust authorities would allow this merger.
    The possibility of obtaining the post of Intel CEO may change the position of Jen-Sen Juan.

    Nvidia’s current market value is $ 7.82 billion. Subject to intellectual property and other assets, the transaction value could be double that. But Intel can afford it. Since Intel alone reached $ 12.9 billion in revenue in 2011 with $ 54 billion in revenue. With the

    acquisition of Nvidia, Intel will finally be able to use the latest Nvidia GPU technology in its Intel Core desktop processors and outperform the rival AMD Fusion line of processors .

    Bright Side Of News commentators say: “Nvidia has proven that it can compete in almost any market. And if it gains access to Intel resources, much in the market could change. ”

    On the one hand, of course, Intel executives and shareholders cannot fail to notice that despite the current financial prosperity, Intel has already become mired in a bureaucracy by an old and cumbersome corporation that cannot respond quickly and change quickly in accordance with market demands (competitors are developing new processors much faster than Intel). And by hiring Jen-Sen Juan, they could expect him to reform Intel and try to teach the elephant how to dance (as German Gref and Sberbank try to do in Russia, see: Dance teacher. Excerpt from the book about Sberbank and German Gref "Elephant on the dance floor" ).

    I just think that the leadership and engineers of Nvidia so successfully undertook to develop mobile chips Nvidia Tegraon ARM architecture, they are unlikely to suddenly be able to abandon this soon.
    And if Jen-Sen Juan himself will really be at the helm of Intel, then soon Intel itself, besides its x86 processors, will begin to develop advanced and energy-efficient mobile ARM chips.

    And in my opinion, besides Jen-Sen Huang, carrying out reforms at Intel, he will most likely seek to split Intel into two separate companies, as was done during the restructuring of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) - one Fab-less company without its own production and another TSMC chip stamping factory . - Because, as far as I remember, he himself said more than once in various interviews, the fact that Nvidia is a Fab-less company is its advantage.
    And the big question is whether Intel shareholders want this? ..

    What do you think about this?

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    * "Intel may buy Nvidia . "

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