Runetology (177): Levon Hovhannisyan, founder of Delivery Club

    Levon Hovhannisyan about why a successful “offline” businessman needs to go into an online business, why a good service cannot be built with the help of outsourcing, and why one cannot move away from the initial concept of the project.

    Guest Interview:
    • “Our strategy has been constantly changing. The idea was the same - to give people a high-quality food delivery service. ”
    • “We are the only successful project on the market. In a day we give partners more than all competitors put together in a month. ”
    • What is the key difference, according to Levon, domestic consumer from foreign?
    • How can I promote my service through mobile applications and what percentage of the order can this channel occupy?
    • Why shouldn't a successful restaurant food delivery site offer home appliances or medicines?
    • What is the future of food delivery services in Russia?

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