New Year sales Samurai-s!

    Hello everybody!
    Happy New Year holidays.

    Everyone begins to think what to present to their relatives, friends and relatives for the New Year. Walk around the malls and sweep the shelves.

    We also decided to please our readers with something and give a discount of 30% to 66% on our solutions.
    What can be found here

    SAMURAI X-lite - 66% off

    Also, in honor of the holidays, you can buy equipment that we do not sell at retail - “SAMURAI X-lite”
    Instruction and its description X-lite
    Price: 4900 rub.

    SAMURAI HS, 2U, ATX, ATX-Lite - 30% discount

    Attention here is a discount on what we do.
    Those. for additional equipment:
    • GSM control and monitoring equipment
    • activation control using a remote control (range up to 50 meters)
    • activation control using a remote control (range up to 1000 meters)

    the discount does not apply because We sell them with virtually no extra charge.

    SAMURAI Flash Drive - it's hard

    Many have read our post and know the current problems with the cases for flash drives.
    We decided to order cases, a printed circuit board and batteries from Chinese factories.
    The test cases came to us the other day. And that’s what happened.

    In the next 10 days, 50 more buildings will come.
    Make your reservation and have time to get them before the new year.

    Metal case, buttons rubberized box with a rope in the kit.
    Flash drives only for 8GB price 4800 rubles.

    What you need to book:
    Send an e-mail to with the subject “Flash drive reservation”
    In the body of the letter: Contact
    phone, delivery address, number of flash drives.

    No prepayment required. Pickup is better since closer to the new year, logistics will die.

    PS: I myself booked a few pieces as a gift. It can’t be conveyed, but it’s cool in the hand. A car will pass through it - nothing will happen.

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