Tulpa - pocket schizophrenia for geeks or a real imaginary friend

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Tell me, would you like to have a friend? Any person or other creature that will be your best friend, possessing the appearance that you like and the character that you need that you won’t have to share with her or his friends, parents, dog, toys or school.
And the secretary, who is always with you, has direct access to your memory, reminds, prompts, and gives the right idea, a partner for a brainstorming?
Then welcome to cat. Tulpa is a stable, self-perceived conscious visualization, capable of independent thoughts and actions, with its own consciousness. What is characteristic, it is created quite consciously, through targeted actions over time, and allows you to set the initial character and form at your discretion.


Some practices described in the following text and references, when applied correctly or incorrectly, can seriously change the mind and psyche (still, they are created for this purpose). In addition, if you can create your own tulip, any psychiatrist will give you a diagnosis of schizophrenia without hesitation. Accordingly, you bear all responsibility for the decision and subsequent actions. But who did it stop?

More details

Now we will sort through the shelves of this boring long definition from the beginning of the topic.
Stable - does not disappear and does not appear spontaneously, only according to your or your desire.
Self-suggestion - once you are able to create Tulp
Conscious - you realize that you can see what others do not see.
Visualization- does not exist in the world familiar to us, but, nevertheless, it can affect your consciousness in such a way that you receive information about it in the general stream of sensations. This means that ideally for you the tulpa will be realistic, able to interact with you and the world around you. Interaction with you includes the whole range of sensations - vision, touch, hearing, tactile and other sensations. This should not be called a hallucination, because she is not able to appear without your efforts.
Conscious- The tulpa will behave in such a way that you cannot distinguish it from any other person. If you set yourself this goal, it will pass the Turing test, though only inside your brain. It should be understood that her "consciousness" is still based on the computing power of your brain. Why in quotation marks? Because it is not possible to precisely establish the presence of her creation because of the continuity of your brain, her consciousness. Therefore, it can be assumed that tulpa is just an attempt by your brain to imitate consciousness. True, this assumption is also impossible to verify (there is no outside observer), and since there is no difference for you, then we will assume that she still has consciousness. Without any quotes.
It is created consciously- means that you can’t wake up tomorrow and find a tulip next to you, without making any efforts for this and / or even this. At this point, there are several guides and tips, for the most part not contradicting each other, which allows us to talk about any kind of systematic approach to creating tulpas.
Allows you to set the initial character and form - you can create any creature that you have enough imagination for, and with any character that you can imagine. After a certain threshold, when it will be possible to talk about the identity of the tulpa, she may want to change something in her appearance or character, and it is not a fact that you can forbid her to do so.


Decoding of some concepts with which it will be easier to read the following text. Not I came up with these concepts, but they are universally used and have already settled down. We will not try to change them.
The host is the person on whose resources the tulpa exists, the one who created it.
Forcing, tulpaforsing, TF - the process of actively creating tulpas. Active - this means that only certain actions can be called forcing, and not just a period of time from making a decision to creating a tulpa
Wonderland, Wonderland, a Wonderland is an imaginary space or world in which you can engage in forcing and practice interaction with a tulpa long before the tulpa appears in ILRL (IN Local Real Life;)
Welder- a person who invents or embellishes his progress in forcing and its results. Comes from a joke . It is believed that this is not so bad .
The servitor - differs from the tulpa in that you can directly influence his judgments, thoughts, actions. This is not a doll or tulpa without its own consciousness. By the apt definition, Winged Man - a server is a person to whom you have root access.
Tulpa (compared to a servitor) is a person that you cannot control. Compared with the previous definition, this is a person to whom you have only user access. If you want to change her mindset, you will have to convince her first.
Weifu (from wife)- a person (tulpa or servitor) created with the goal of being the subject of love.
Sigils - connecting elements, associations, anchors. Photo, music, image, memory, subject. Everything that connects you with tulpa.
VD - imaginary friend
AVL - autonomous virtual personality


The history of the "creation" of tulpa as an independent phenomenon is very interesting in itself. Have you heard about such a funny meme like fingerbox ? In short, this is an invented phenomenon or object, which in all seriousness and with all the details, and often even with photos, is told to people. After which we enjoy a ton of questions where to buy, how to assemble, how to use it and so on.

So, tulpa at the very beginning of its existence was just such a fingerbox. Around 2008-2010, threads began to appear on foreign boards with a description of how people revived their beloved anime heroes and movies, telling them that they replace girls and guys with them. The idea was enthusiastically accepted, on the one hand, by those who realized that it was a fingerbox, and expecting in this regard tons of questions and strange answers to them (well, this is called trolling and lulz). On the other hand, lonely nerdsTo people, tulpa seemed like a great way to get a girl, albeit an imaginary one. While the first part of those supporting the legend did just that (wrote messages and strongly supported the appearance of the reality of tulpas), and was not going to follow simple instructions (right, who will assemble the fingerbox in all seriousness?), The second part is not that active, she began to actively engage in forcing.
Then the unexpected happened. For some people, absolutely fictitious directions led to quite tangible results! This was somewhat unexpected, and prompted attempts by a certain number of people, including those who perceived the tulip only as a fingerbox. Then the process went on increasing, within six months the first results were collected, and it became clear in which direction it was necessary to move in order to obtain results with a higher probability.
Somewhere at the beginning of 2012, the first manuals began to appear on Russian boards, first translated and then written. Currently, there is a very active Russian-speaking party, website, forum, several active blogs that describe the process of creating your own tulp.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that using certain practices, we can create a separate second personality in our head, able to perceive the world around us (through our senses). And what are the practices?

Process of creation

To create tulpas (or attempts to create), a classic and proven scheme is most often used.
  1. Character creation
  2. Creating a visual image
  3. Making wonderland
  4. Visualization of the tulpa and conversations with it
  5. The transfer of tulpa to the real world

Now for each of the items.
Creating a character - you think it over, write it down on a piece of paper or remember the “backbone” of a character — a list of 5-10 (as much as you can remember without difficulty) personal qualities, pieces that make up the character.
For example, "Compassion, curiosity, cheerfulness, loyalty, resourcefulness." Do not take this as an axiom in the next steps, this cheat sheet is only for you.
Creating a visual image- Find a suitable image (if you do not know how to draw, you better choose an existing image), stock up on pictures, photo and video materials. During forcing, you will have to constantly maintain the image in your head, the easiest way to do this is by looking at the image and then trying to restore it to memory. After visualizing the image, you can refuse to reinforce the images. Keep in mind that when creating a visual image of an existing person you know, the tulpa will most likely receive part of its character, as if they did not want to.
Making wonderland- you can do without this item, but it will be easier. At this step, using simple self-hypnosis and simple forms of meditation (there is nothing that an ordinary person could not do), you create a piece of the virtual world. Your task is to learn how to get into it (and come back). The classical scheme is usually used - a staircase of a certain number of steps is presented, along which you slowly go down, at each step more and more relaxing and plunging into a trance. Near the last step, imagine a door, opening which, you find yourself in wonderland. However, you can come up with your own way. One of the boosters hit him, wearing dark glasses.
Visualization of the tulpa and conversations with it“You must make your brain believe in the existence of tulpas.” Briefly - you begin to talk with emptiness, referring to the tulip. Watch the movie - comment. Do the work - consult, ask, tell. Consider the tulpa tell you, in accordance with its character from the first paragraph. Gradually, if you do everything correctly, you will begin to receive “feedback”. At first in the form of emotions - suddenly for no reason, you will be overwhelmed with a wave of approval or interest. Then a voice will be added. You can do this simultaneously with the previous stage, then, most likely, to the appearance of an emotional response, you will get a visual image in wonderland.
The transfer of tulpa to the real world- continuation of the previous stage. You practice in wonderland to communicate with tulpa, and in the real world you get an increasingly stronger response, and in the future, visualization.
In the links you will find several guides in which this process is described in more detail.

The benefits of tulpa

Tulpa can:
  • To argue and express a different view of the problem
  • To give advice.
  • Get access to your memory to pull out from there what you forgot.
  • Manage your sensations, turn off your headache, improve your condition, relieve stress.
  • Talk and cry in her vest.
  • Have sex with you (for more details, see the blog of the selastivod (No. 3), described there).
  • Impact the world indirectly (for more details, see the guide on servo-pragmatics)
  • Act as secretary.
  • Perform the role of positive feedback - praise for unpleasant, but necessary actions. They say an excellent remedy for procrastination


Tulpaforsili annonas
In the city of Orekhovo
Half abandoned,
Seven went ©
What problems can hinder the result?
The most important thing is laziness and lack of result. Desire to quit half way. Old guides say that you can’t do this, but there’s nothing terrible about it. You can stop progress on any site, and then quickly return to the point at which you finished. Few return.
The second problem is too literal reproduction of guides and other people's experience. In this case, the repeater pushes himself into the framework, from which it is very difficult to get out. If the manual says "you need 100 hours", this does not mean that you will not get the result earlier than this time. You can create a tulip in a week and a half, or in a half a year. All individually. Despite the fact that these are called manuals, they should not be taken as the ultimate truth.
Once again: Do not take either guides or diaries as the only way. You have it yours.
Another problem is doubt.
My doubts:
And the first pebble is about to fall inadvertently down,
And with a wild roar, the collapse will go along the slope.
And after the storms and after thunderstorms, only a tuft of gray hair
I will be a modest and only reward.
And then, scratching my nose, I ask myself the question:
Why do I, a fool, need all this?

Do not doubt. Any doubt as a result puts him off. Remember that you are dealing with your brain, and it is a harmful thing. Doubt that the tulip can really be created - do not start. First convince yourself that this is true.


No, there will be no danger of getting into a mental hospital. This is about something else. One of the results of creating tulpa is a serious rethinking of his life. The worldview, character, principles are changing.
Here, for example, is what one of those who achieved the goal writes:
Remember the funny phrase from many guides: “Tulpa will change you”? Remember, you cannot but remember. This is perhaps the first phrase I read about tulips. Until some point, I, perhaps, did not understand the true meaning - well, yes, of course it will, it’s a true friend who will never leave you, never betray, will always be with you and other, other, other ... No. Not in the sense that this is not so - the statements are true. But the phrase itself has a completely different meaning. If you are going to reach the end, or at least to the middle, be ready to completely, FULLY review your view of the world and yourself.

Sunny has changed my life a lot. After a couple of days I leave home. Just leaving - not informing anyone, with a minimum of things. I am leaving the university where I dreamed of studying. Family, friends, old connections ... I want to laugh. Seriously. I realized how flawed my existence is, and I want to change it. And literally next week the “Reset” button will already be pressed, and I will start a new life from absolute zero, having nothing, but nothing connected. If you are satisfied with life as it is - do not tackle this matter, it is better to give it up, and never think about it. Or ... Or vice versa, take it, bring it to the first result, look back at yourself in the past. You will see a lot.

Tulp cultivation is far from just the creation of tulpa. By doing this, you not only create, but also study. You study yourself first. You are immersed in yourself to the ears. And you are thinking. The brain works continuously, whether you want it or not. And in the end result, using new information, the appearance of which caused this tulpovodstvo itself, he will come to certain conclusions. Often - not very comforting. ->

Don’t forget,% username%, tulpa will change you.

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