Enterprise apps on Google Play

The good news for Google Apps for Business , Education, and Government users has been posted on the Google Blog . From now on, on Google Play, you can create corporate update channels and distribute through them internal applications for your employees.

How it works

Each Google Apps for Business domain can now have a private channel in the Play Store. Domain administrators can give the user the right to publish applications in the developer's console, as well as configure access to the channel in the Play Store for individual users and groups.

To see this channel on the device, users need to log in to Play using their corporate account.

How to turn on

Google Apps administrators can enable the channel in the control panel:
  • In the Organizations & users> Services section, you need to enable the Google Play Developer Console .
  • For a group of users who should be allowed to publish, you need to:
    • In Settings> Mobile, allow updating the Google Play Private Channel
    • In Organizations & users> Services, enable the Google Play Developer Console for them .
  • Other users need to give access to the Google Play Private Channel

Additional Information

  • The channel is visible only from devices and is not yet available for the web interface
  • Each developer must go through the usual registration in the developer's console (for $ 25)
  • For applications in the private channel, ratings, reviews, prices and targeting are available
  • An organization can have only one private channel

Official documentation: http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2494992

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