If you decide to implement an ERP system

    We must try to adhere to three simple rules if you want a successful implementation.

    Minimum development

    It is not strange, but software development is the weakest point of ERP projects. No matter how beautiful TK you write, you never know beforehand whether this will work in real life or not. Good programs are not written the first time. The larger the development project, the higher the risks of failure. Software development is like creating a design. It seems that I agreed on everything, and when I got the result, you understand that it’s not that. Of course, there is only one way to reduce the amount of development - to take a product where what you need is already developed and works to the maximum.

    Development requires debugging. This means that after development there may be problems at system startup (something is not working, something is not working, they have forgotten about something, etc.). This process reduces the level of user loyalty, which then will be extremely difficult to raise. Therefore, you need to start the implementation with some basic, ready-made, reinforced concrete working, tested functionality that does not require any development. Put - it works.

    Maximum employee engagement

    The more employees involved in the project, the greater the chance that everything will be fine. If in a project someone spins like a squirrel in a wheel, and the rest, picking a wand in their teeth, watch this fascinating attraction, then there will be no result. However, this rule applies not only to ERP-systems, but also to all other large-scale projects.

    Quick results

    The project should give quick and concrete practical results. Some part of the system must be started as quickly as possible. Which one is for you to decide with a consultant. If the project lasts a year and no one uses the system, then everyone gets used to the fact that the ERP system in your company is needed for it not to be used. Everyone just gets used to the situation and does not want to change it. The fuse that was initially starting to fade away. You need to start the system when there is a fuse and desire, and not after a year.

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