Trailer + Website + Promotion Strategy

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    What is the best way to tell the world about your service - briefly, succinctly and intelligibly? Three years ago we found the answer to this question: trailers. Today, trailers are the most popular type of commercials for a story about a site, service or product - both in Russia and abroad.

    However, the trailer itself is just a business card. You hand it to potential customers and in return get their interest. Now they want to know more about your offer, spend a little more time to delve into the details.

    A universal way to provide them with this opportunity is to create a project site around the video clip. A place where visitors can get answers to all questions of interest and make an informed decision about the benefits of the offer for themselves.

    The site and the trailer together are a comprehensive tool for promoting your business. Therefore, since December 2012, Trailer Studio in conjunction with the Joint Group company has been introducing a new service: “ Package: trailer + website + promotion strategy ”.


    The site and the trailer are developed together, based on pre-thought out ways of their interaction and promotion. And while some specialists are working on their creation, our other employees are already preparing a set of solutions for their promotion.

    Will it be cheaper to order this package, instead of doing everything separately? Let's be realistic: not always. However, at the proposed level of quality, this is a reasonable price, for which you do not just get high-quality products on their own. This is an offer that gives you the opportunity to get products created to work together to achieve a single goal: promoting your business.

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