Project Engineer Diaries: challenge accepted!

    imageWhen you become a consultant or a coach from a developer, the following questions immediately appear:
    • Why did you stop being a programmer?
    • How can you teach if you yourself do not code?
    • Not playing coach?
    • Your question

    Most importantly, questions of this type cannot be considered 100% trolling, they are all justified. In order to somehow answer these questions, it was decided to start this project. The project will be partly educational (XP techniques and flexible testing will be considered), partly entertaining, partly aimed at developing the community, and so on. More details under the cut.

    First I want to introduce myself. My name is Andrey Rebrov and since July 2012 I have been working at ScrumTrek, focusing on training and implementation of engineering practices. In August, I organized the Russian Software Craftsmanship Community , which I write about from time to time, including here. Before that, for 5 years I had been programming a variety of applications in java: logistics, finance, and more.

    And now about the project itself. Each of us has met in his life a project that made his eyes bleed for various reasons:
    • horrible code
    • slow work
    • disgusting code !! 11
    • a lot of bugs
    • your version

    So, I suggest you send me such projects, of them we will choose the most interesting and I will work on it for two months. A number of project criteria:
    • programming language: java, c #, ruby, python
    • the application must have a UI
    • the number of lines of code 15-20 thousand
    • you must formulate metrics by which you can verify that the project has become better

    In addition to improving this project, we will also formulate a number of features that are worth adding to this project.
    The project will be uploaded to GitHub, it will have jira / confluence available for viewing. From time to time I will do webinars or just upload videos with a parsing of a particular piece of the application.
    I foresee in advance that there will be a lot of controversy over the solution of a particular problem, for example, the implementation of architectural aspects. The presence of such disputes is good and we will pull out key points for general discussion.
    Projects should be sent to me at arebrov [at] with the mark [Engineer's Diaries], project information and voting will be on the codecrafting website .

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