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    We often travel, both in the search for new gadgets on duty, and just ride around the world and are looking for adventure. During this time, we have accumulated experience, which we want to share in the selection of gadgets and accessories, tested by time and the Madrobots team.

    Universal Travel Blue Sliding Adapter

    In our time, few people go on a business trip or vacation without gadgets at all. Most often there are several of them - a laptop, phone, tablet, camera, and the little things. To save travelers from headaches every time when collecting a suitcase, came up with universal chargers.

    One option is Travel Blue Sliding Adapter, it allows you to charge gadgets in 150 countries (including the EU, UK, USA, Australia, China), combining 4 adapters. On the side of the case there is a dual USB port (2.1A), which allows you to directly charge compatible devices.
    Surely, those who travel frequently have a whole arsenal of adapters for various trips. And for those who have not yet managed to acquire them, the decision from Travel Blue will make it easier to prepare for the trip and stay in another country.

    The device looks like a white cylinder. Above is a universal socket that is compatible with different types of plugs. On the side - a switch that captures the choice of the desired outlet. Inside there is a fuse (6.3A), which protects the gadgets from network overload and short circuits. There is protection against children - the built-in shutter helps to protect the little ones from touching the contact pads. Do not give the plate and stuff inside any object like a nail or paper clip. For those who do not need USB ports, Travel Blue has the same adapter , only without them (it is cheaper).

    Cost: from 1 790 rubles.

    Travel Blue Foldable Carry Bag

    This is a compact travel bag in four versions: 60, 48, 30 and 16 liters. Its main advantages are that it folds and folds into a small case (fits in a pocket), made of light but durable polyester. The designs of bags of different sizes are slightly different, but they are all durable and comfortable, the handles do not tear after a lot of trips. You will learn all the charm of the bag at that moment when you urgently need to unload something from your suitcase into your hand luggage due to the overweight of your luggage, or just get carried away with shopping in duty-free shops.

    When the bag becomes dirty, we simply wipe it, if everything is bad, we erase it (preferably by hand with a small amount of detergent added).

    Cost: from 990 rubles.

    Smart car charger Nonda ZUS QC Car Charger with fast charge function

    The device combines two at once - car charger and locator. Thanks to the Quick Charge technology, it allows you to charge your device 75% faster than regular car charging. It has a backlight, a cooling system and an automatic detection function for the connected device. Locator built into the gadget allows you to detect your car in any parking lot, even the busiest.

    The device works only in pair with the ZUS app for iOS and Android devices. To get started, you need to download the application to your smartphone and connect the charging to the car cigarette lighter. With a smartphone, the device is synchronized via Bluetooth and remembers the last location of the machine. In order to determine the exact location of the car, charging uses both GPS and Bluetooth.

    As for fast charging, the system is equipped with a chip that detects the connected devices, providing optimal power and amperage. The device has 2 reversible USB ports into which the cable can be plugged in from either side. ZUS QC Car Charger also monitors the status of the car battery, sending an alert to your smartphone in case of problems. She also maintains a run log with data for each trip.

    Cost: 2,890 rubles.

    JetKids BedBox Baby Travel Suitcase

    Another handy thing that can come in handy if you have children. This is a hybrid of a suitcase and a BedBox crib, which not only holds up to 20 liters of things (not necessarily children), but also acts as a means of transportation. In order for the child not to fall while riding, the manufacturers have provided a belt clip in the form of a handle. Moreover, in a plane a suitcase can be turned into a bed with a mattress, it comfortably extends and fits the size of a standard chair. Suitcase suitable for children up to 7 years.

    Its internal volume is 20 liters, but it is important to remember that a part of the space will be occupied by the mattress, so you should not count on this volume to the full. The size of the suitcase is 46 x 20 x 36 cm, you can take it with you on board, but it is better to first clarify the dimensions of hand baggage with the airline so that you do not have to take it in the luggage.

    Cost: 14 900 rubles.

    Bevan Classic

    Bevan is an inflatable sofa, which can be called a sunbed, hammock. Whatever you call it, it's just a great invention, allowing you to relax and rest in any place: in nature, at the airport, in the country or at home. It weighs only 1.3 kg, folded and placed in a small shoulder bag (45cm x 30cm x 10cm), which is included in the kit. It is possible to inflate Bevan to the size of 180cm x 80cm x 55cm. The maximum load is 250 kg. It keeps the air up to 12 hours, which allows it to be used even for sleep. We often take it with us to the beach or to the park and use instead of blankets and sun loungers.

    Cost: 1,743 rubles.

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