Raider capture IT companies: the first swallow?

    I’ll raise a little context of what is happening. Last week, mask shows with all of the following burst into the Kharkov company Zfort: they didn’t let anyone out, they took the director away, etc. As a justification for the actions, an investigation was raised regarding the downloading of prohibited material from the website.

    Unfortunately, mask shows, by themselves, are no longer an ordinary thing in Ukraine. Everyone understands that this is one of the ways to make money for the New Year for children with gifts . In particular, some companies even provide instruction on how to behave in such a case. And I would very much like that at this place everything would end, but no.

    Today an official letter from the director of the company Zfort with a description of the current situation has appeared. Looking ahead, I ask you to read this letter, if possible, detached.

    I quote it as a quote

    I must say right away that I am aware of all the idiocy that is now happening in the company. Unfortunately, things went worse than you could imagine. And I understand that I must inform you of what is happening.

    Many of you personally know me, and I hope that for many years of working with you I have earned your trust.

    I will briefly outline the picture of affairs. The company is banal raider seizure. Nothing new and surprising in our reality. The company has been growing at 40% per year for the past 3 years, and this attracts these people very much.

    Of course, they do not understand, and will not be able to understand, that the main thing in the company is people. This is a community of developers, managers, and customers, and trying to influence it by force is absurd.

    The run-in was very well organized and planned. They had a floor plan, my photo from Skype, and many other data. During the search there were a huge number of violations, I was under serious psychological pressure, they did not allow me to contact anyone, including a lawyer. But this turned out to be not enough - they threw drugs at me (well, that’s not a corpse :)). Because of this, I had to urgently leave Kharkov because of the threat of being taken into custody at the time this issue was resolved.

    But these guys are just performers. There is a customer, some of you have seen him.

    They require me to simply redistribute shares in the company without my consent. Only after that they promise to remove the criminal case. Then a meeting of the founders will follow - and I will be deprived of the post of director. Then an audit over the past years of activity will follow, and new criminal cases will be ready for me - after all, the “right” people will do the audit. Everything is very simple and "legal".

    I know that the new management has already entered the company and is giving its instructions. This woman is my wife with whom I am divorcing. She is in collusion with the “customer”, and both of them benefit from raider capture, this is a kind of revenge on me. Yesterday she signed the act of my absence from work in order to take advantage of it.

    It is very sad, but% FirstNameName1% went over to the side of the raiders. I already know that he was promised the position of director. As they say, "in our time, in time to betray, this is not to betray, but to anticipate" (c) c / f Garage. I ask you not to listen to his explanations on the situation, since he is completely subordinate to the raiders and financially interested. Nevertheless, he is a very experienced manager and he needs to listen to his instructions on project management. I will give an assessment of his personal qualities upon his return to Kharkov.

    The same woman put pressure on% FirstNameName2%, including threats in the past two weeks. I ask everyone to support him as much as possible. I am interested in the future, if someone, for example, decides to leave the company, will they also plant drugs and threaten him to stay? I will do everything so that such a management does not appear in our company ever.

    Despite everything, I beg all to remain calm and continue to work. For some reason, I believe that this guide has come in and will fly out like a cork from a bottle in the near future.

    I want to thank everyone for the support and interaction that was provided last Wednesday.

    Support me in the comments! By the way, if this post is removed from the blog, it will be indicative.


    For my part, I want to say that my colleagues and I thought on this example on the topic of how really it is really possible to squeeze out an IT business of 300 people. It turns out that if this is an outsourcing company with many small clients, then everything can be. It all depends on how well the end teams are integrated with their customers. The better integrated, the less their work will be disrupted.

    Moreover, it will not work at the same time for everyone to leave and work. If several hundred people leave, then the IT-labor market will become sharply oversaturated with the corresponding consequences. And due to their inertness, not everyone will decide on such a step. This is not to mention the psychological (well, if only such) pressure on such employees.

    And if in this particular case the business is wrung out, it turns out that no one is insured?

    UPD: After the publication of the post, a variety of comments began to flock to me in PM that everything that is happening is not as simple as it seems. And writing can be another level of manipulation of public opinion. It’s still difficult for me to give any objective comments on this matter, I will give below only one more link discussing some past events of the company at the Kharkov forum.

    Therefore, I advise everyone who is interested to get acquainted with the events personally (videos, twitter, forum) and make up their minds, which I do not want to influence in any way.

    UPD2:Having collected some additional amount of information, including and from insiders, it turns out this. The current director, apparently, has never been the owner of the company. And it seems like, initially the company belonged specifically to his wife. And everything that happens is the result of a showdown at home. Muddy enough, isn't it? Particularly unpleasant is the involvement of law enforcement agencies in the current situation instead of a peaceful resolution of the problem, if any.

    It is completely incomprehensible how to deal with all this. Therefore, just in case, I decided to remove the first / last names from the quotation of the letter, so as not to accidentally form a wrong idea of ​​people.

    UPD3:A more detailed analysis shows that we are not talking about a raider seizure (in the classical sense of the word). There is no third party who suddenly begins to own a business. The situation is more similar; not dividing the business with rather crude and ugly methods. Ordinary employees continue to work in the same mode. What happens in top management at the same time can only be speculated. On the sim, you can disperse.

    What conclusions can be drawn from this?
    1. No matter how it ends, the image of the company for the coming years is very badly damaged. Which is sad.
    2. There is still no need to worry about the IT sphere in terms of raiding. There is no complete precedent.

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