Bypass restrictions of trial programs from the Windows Store

    On October 30 this year, the Wsservice_crk software was introduced at the My Digital Life forum, designed to hack programs from the Windows Store and install unsigned applications on Windows 8.

    The main functionality of Wsservice_crk is the ability to overcome the limitations of trial programs that a user can install from the Windows Store. After 7 days from the moment of downloading and installing the application, you need to make a decision on payment, either remove the application, or bypass this restriction using the declared Wsservice_crk functionality.

    Setting Wsservice_crk is not painless for the system, so it should be done with an eye to possible risks. During installation, many system files are replaced with their own versions, which could potentially lead to problems in the future.

    The author also claims that updating a hacked application is only possible by removing it from the system, a new download, and a new “crack” - in this sense, users who decide to use Wsservice_crk should also evaluate the consequences of their actions.

    Wsservice_crk is not compatible with Windows RT and has already managed to get a number of updates.

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