Next week, the "black list" of Roskomnadzor may replenish with blog hosting Twitter and LiveJournal

    Many readers of Habrahabr yesterday read about the removal of YouTube from the federal registry of banned sites - and relaxed.

    Sooner, early relaxed.

    It is easy to read on Rosbalt’s website that on the same day (yesterday, November 21), Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zharov (head of Roskomnadzor) gave an interview to Dozhd TV channel, in which he informed that Roskomnadzor could enter the Twitter microblogging site and LiveJournal blog hostingin the same "black list". According to him, Roskomnadzor received four applications for illegal information available in LiveJournal, and two more - on Twitter. Official notifications were sent to the site’s administrators, and Zharov hoped that content contrary to the law “On protecting children from information harmful to their health and development” would be removed from Twitter and LiveJournal within three days. “If not, then the baton will go to telecom operators,” the head of Roskomnadzor added metaphorically.

    That's what half a dozen applications for illegal information can do. In general, the production of such applications can very soon be put on stream in Russia.

    Read today's news: “ Bloggers will open the hunt for extremists on the Internet"On Life News Online. You will learn from there about the intention of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations to create a commission of bloggers, to distribute to them a special program that allows you to simply and unsophisticated send screenshots of those pages from the Internet to law enforcement agencies that contain information of an extremist or other illegal nature.

    For the information of readers of Habrahabr, it is appropriate to quote a number of statements by officials on this subject.

    Here is what MP Ramadan Abdulatipov, member of the Council on Interethnic Relations, announced about the Council’s new initiative:

    - If this does not happen, then sooner or later we will fall into the abyss. For example, a person was discharged early from a mental hospital and has the opportunity to purchase a computer. He came home, wrote on the forum and revolutionized the world without leaving his apartment.

    And here is the opinion of Vyacheslav Mikhailov, who leads the working group on the development of a national policy strategy:

    - If you do not do this, you can commit a coup with impunity, without leaving your apartment.

    And here are the wishes of the deputy from the LDPR faction Vadim Dengin:

    - I would like more that the community of bloggers and the expert council on bloggers, which will appear at the Committee on Information Policy, join together on the site and discuss those topics that are so important now. If so, I think that a couple ofwe will punish extremists and others will be disgraceful.

    Having quoted these statements, I do not even want to comment on them in any way. And so it is clear why they are saying all this, why they are recruiting commissioners from bloggers and creating a platform for identifying and punishing extremists. It would be too, too naive to brush it off with a Hanlon Razor.

    The attack on the Internet continues.

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