AWS: SNS + SQS Integration

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    Amazon Web Services has announced the integration of the Simple Notification Service with the Simple Queue Service. Queues now have the opportunity to subscribe to SNS topics.

    What does this new feature give us? Those who make serious use of AWS server communication mechanisms know that:
    • SQS - FIFO queues with the possibility of recovery in case of non-processing
    • SNS - topics for which you can subscribe and receive messages

    Those. 2 completely different types of notifications, when in the first case only one recipient can own an element, and in the second - all subscribers.

    Previously, in order to send complex messages for SNS and SQS, they had to be duplicated. Now it is possible to sign a queue on the topic of SNS and no longer use message duplication.

    I think many programmers have come across queues and subscriptions. What software do you use? Have Amazon SQS and SNS been used?

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