A simple and very inexpensive way to get reliable spam protection for your mail server

Six months ago, I faced a serious task - to transfer all users of a medium-sized company (100 people) from numerous personal mailboxes to a single corporate mail server (in this case, Exchange already had a license, but the subject of my post concerns any mail server). Users are already accustomed to their interfaces (mail.ru, yandex, gmail, etc.) and the reliability of these mail systems, and most importantly - the minimum amount of spam received. Because Since the company is small, there was no talk of allocating a budget for full backup (the available resource is one virtual server and one external IP address) and the purchase of a good spam protection service. But it seems to me that I have found the ideal solution in this situation - how to minimize spam and at the same time get additional reservation.
The essence of the solution is the use of the Dyn Email Gateway service from the well-known company DYN . Strange, but I could not find at least some feedback on the work of this service on the Russian-speaking Internet, and especially analogues, at a comparable price - $ 50 per year of use (without limiting the number of mailboxes). But after several months of working with this service, I can say that it works almost perfectly, although I would like more functionality for managing the service and the ability to receive at least some reports (there are none at all).

Functional Description

This service provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and also, if your mail server becomes unavailable, it acts as a buffer and saves all incoming messages until your server comes back to life (on the Internet) - at this point, all accumulated messages will be sent to your server. Also, this service can send mail to your server using a non-standard protocol (very effective protection against “hood hackers”). Description of features in the original:
Spam and virus scanning
We scan your mail for spam and viruses using a combination of SpamAssassin, ClamAV and DNS-based blacklists.
Backed up when you're down
For that unexpected time when you're down, Dyn Email Gateway will store and forward your email with our backup queuing system.
Multiple relay ports available
Relay mail to any of the following ports: 24, 25, 26, 587, 2525, 10025, 5252.


Service connection is very simple:
  1. Make two mx entries: mx1.mailhop.org (priority 10) and mx2.mailhop.org (priority 40).
  2. In your DYN account, specify the address of your mail server and port (by default - 25).

Validation of records is automated and if an error was made somewhere, this will be succinctly reported.

Available settings

Spam : You can set two thresholds. The first threshold (by default, from 6.0 to the second threshold) - * SPAM * is inserted in the message header. The second threshold (default is 18.0 and higher) - this message is not delivered to your mailer at all. There are lists for white and black addresses, if necessary, filled manually. You can also configure by what criteria spam will be determined (check PTR record, check for membership in dynamic addresses, check for content in various spam lists).
Antivirus : just incl. or off - no settings.

For the curious -
A few screenshots of the control panel
A fragment of the main page of the control panel:

Setting thresholds for evaluation:

Available options for checking for spam (just turn it on or off):

Service advantages:
  • easy setup
  • reliability of work
  • affordable price

  • no reports
  • no subtle settings

This is not an advertisement. I hope my note will help colleagues in the workshop if he faces a similar task. It may be that someone will indicate in the comments worthy competitors (preferably in the same price segment) of DYN for the service described above, because competition is good!

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