The first users of Windows Phone 8 complain about rebooting smartphones

    The first buyers of Windows Phone 8 smartphones say the operating system reboots randomly.
    Users of the new HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 complain in different forums that the phones reboot randomly, and in the case of the Nokia device, it still abnormally consumes the battery and hangs.

    For example, on the WPCentral website , a user writes: “In 3 days of use, my device rebooted 2 times. The smartphone simply reboots itself, stopping by entering the PIN code. A little annoying. "

    A similar thread is on the Microsoft website . A similar problem is noted by The Verge reporters. The same thing is written on the Nokia forum .

    Lumia 920 users complainfor a short battery life (by the way, it is recommended to disable NFC to combat this) and in some cases, when restoring factory settings (in an attempt to quickly deal with this problem), the smartphone simply “becomes a brick”.

    And judging by the fact that this is a feature of the work of smartphones of several companies at once, the point here is most likely in the OS itself. Back in the summer, we wrote that WP8 does not have time for the autumn release and Microsoft is bringing it to mind urgently. Apparently in a hurry, not all bugs were cleared.

    Looking forward to the first service pack?

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