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Would you like to have extra hands that could get your site running, but you don’t have enough money to hire another person? Why not use your wife (husband) then? I know most of you will think that your wife has no idea how to make a website. But why not give it a try?

Given modern technology, almost anyone can nowadays easily learn the basics of working with a website. My six year old nephew is working on WordPress. Moreover, your wife does not have to understand programming; she can help with the simplest tasks. In this article we will consider all the advantages of involving your wife in working with a website, how to teach your wife how to create and maintain a website and other various tasks that could help you in any way. Well, after reading this article, you will be ready to attract your wife to work.

Pros of attracting a wife to work on a site

For a freelancer or a team of 2–3 specialists, attracting another participant can be a huge help. Many of you might think that your wife is not particularly versed in programming, website design, or promotion, but sometimes it can be a plus. When you have someone who can offer a fresh look at the site, or work with clients with whom you work, it can be very convenient for you. As for the work itself - everything can be learned. So, let's assume that you are attracting your wife, and here are a few of the benefits that you get with it:

  • A fresh look
  • Free or cheap resource
  • She knows your work style.
  • You get a person who will help you cope with tasks that take a lot of time;
  • A feminine look at a site that will help understand a female audience
  • Extra hands to help you take your project to the next level.

How to quickly train your wife to work with the site?

Given the abundance of video materials (tutorials / manuals) and a magical tool called Google, it’s easy to teach your wife how to use the site. Follow the step-by-step instructions to do this as soon as possible:

  1. Define one or two tasks for your wife for the first time
  2. Make sure that she can really cope with the tasks that you have chosen, instruct her to do those things that take you more time, or you save for later, but know that they must be done
  3. Find several different video tutorials, articles, and blogs that she should watch or read to speed up the process.
  4. After she has finished the previous paragraph, take some time for her to ask you any questions she may have.
  5. Show her how to do the work
  6. Give her a chance to practice
  7. Be close to answer questions and support her. Be positive and attentive.

If you follow these 7 steps, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your wife will have new skills. You will be extremely happy that you decided to try to do this. Collaboration will also improve your relationship.

Customer service

Do you spend a lot of time responding to letters from your customers, replies to blog comments, and phone calls? This is all quite an important task, but your wife can also easily cope with them. Customer support is an extremely important part of the work of a freelancer. to do.

Allow your wife to engage with clients for several weeks and see how things progress. I think that your customers will appreciate her work, because she will be more sociable than you.

Photo for the site

Does your wife like taking pictures? Photos are an important component of any site. Unfortunately, if you do not have enough funds or time to purchase photos, or if you are not a photographer, then obtaining high-quality photos for use on your website is a rather laborious task. Other site owners are not particularly fond of when people use their photos on their sites without any specific approval. Instead of borrowing photos, buy your wife a camera and let her take the pictures herself. Your site will look as good as never before if it does the job.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is what I just hate to do. I can recall quite a few cases when I was engaged in such an analysis, and this influenced my decisions. So let the wife act as a "detective" in your place. Make a list of competitive sites that she could study. Explain to her what you would like from her in this case and let her do the research. This will save you a lot of time and also surpass your competitors.

Writing Articles

Your wife may not be very good at the art of photography, but she can write better than most of the authors who are now popular. Let her deal with the filling of your site. You need to know how important it is for website owners to have a blog. To increase the quality of the content, you will need a lot of time. But time, this is exactly what we, developers, often lack.

Put together the topics of the articles and ask her to write the corresponding article. When she finishes writing one or two articles, review them together, evaluate her work, and let her continue writing. When you have a person who is involved in your blog, this will allow you to focus on the things that you are directly involved in (design, promotion, etc.).

Work with WordPress

Now that we have analyzed all the advantages of attracting a wife to work on your site, let's delve into a few specific tasks with which your wife could help you. Do you manage a WordPress site? This is arguably the easiest and most flexible engine.

Identify several areas of your site in which your wife could participate; explain to her what you would like her to do; also let her know that she can at least just search for the necessary information and then let her go “free swimming”. Here are a few WordPress-related tasks your wife can help accomplish:

  • Updating media content on the site
  • Search for new plugins that you can add to your site
  • Checking pages for competent internal optimization
  • Work on sidebars and site forms

Social networks

Is your wife outgoing? Does she have many friends on social networks? I know that my wife spends a lot of time on Facebook, then why not let her take care of your account instead of you. Returning to the topic of customer support, which we discussed above, it is worth noting that perhaps your wife is more sociable than you.

Social networks are directly related to building relationships with people. Explain to her what you would like her to achieve on facebook, twitter using your account, how to use it in business, and let her start actively using twitter. I bet you will attract more followers and more people will be involved in your community than ever.

How to tell your wife that you need her help

So now that you know how much you need your wife’s help, it’s time to determine how you can bring her to this. Perhaps this will be the most difficult task that we touched on today. The following are some tips on how you can explain to your wife that you need her help:

  1. Determine in which areas of your website your wife could help you, because she may want to make sure that you have thought it through well and really consider her a valuable assistant.
  2. Let her know about this news for a pleasant dinner that you can cook for yourself.
  3. Explain to her that you have a plan according to which you are going to teach her what she has to learn.
  4. Bring to her attention that you are looking forward to working with her and think that this would be a pleasant collaboration
  5. Do not push on her and be sure to give her time to think

I believe that many of you will have a pretty positive experience if you stick to this strategy. As they say, behind every great man is a great woman. Our wives are smart, have great potential and are patient - these three components are undoubtedly the reason why this can really work.

Does your wife help you in your work?

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