Windows 8 and touchscreen without a touch

    Dedicated to haters of stained screens.

    The guys from Elliptic Labs have developed a non-contact control system that only works with Windows 8. So far, ultrasound is used to quickly record data on the position of a person’s hand in space relative to the screen. You can control the system using gestures without touching the screen with your fingers - change active windows, scroll text, in general - everything is in the video below.

    I think that this innovation is unlikely to cope with typing, but Surface seems to have a clav case.

    Choosing a “tile”

    Scrolling screens

    Closing an application

    About the advantages of this technology

    - it uses less energy (as claimed - 95%) than a motion tracking system using a camera.
    - Using the SDK, you can create new types of interactions (for example, enter some unique movement for a specific action).
    - screen without fingerprints.
    - it is possible to capture the position of the hand from different angles with respect to the screen.
    - use of MEMS microphones.
    - “echo filter” - a separate perception of the movement of the hand as a whole, hand and fingers.

    Starter Kit is provided with everything necessary for the operation of the system.



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