GALAXY Camera Review (Part II)

    Good afternoon, Habr!

    Today we are publishing the second and final part of the GALAXY Camera review, which was kindly prepared by the Korean blogger Hyunjun Lee, after visiting the IFA exhibition.

    ▌ Black or white?

    GALAXY Camera is available in two primary colors - black and white. Further in the review, you can see several more colorful options for the camera, but they are all prototypical and are designed only to evaluate the reaction of consumers.

    In the meantime, I present to your attention two main available color solutions. Let's take a closer look at them.

    This photo gives a good idea of ​​the appearance of the GALAXY Camera in two colors. As for the style, the white version looks more vivid, while the black is in the traditional style. Your choice, of course, depends only on you, but personally I prefer a retro style, and black color suits me more.

    If you look at the black color of the camera, you will see that in fact it is dark blue rather than black. However, I still prefer this option.

    On the display side, the white and black GALAXY Camera are practically indistinguishable from each other.

    Let's examine the camera from all sides. The top side is minimalistic for simplicity and ease of use. A minimum of details can be traced in the design of the device as a whole.

    Now that we’ve examined the camera from all sides, let's put two cameras side by side.

    So which one looks better in your opinion?

    ▌ Dimensions GALAXY Camera

    To the envy of my fellow bloggers, I seemed to be the only one in the entire exhibition who brought along measuring equipment. I hope this gives you a better idea of ​​the dimensions of the new product.

    The device is quite heavy (310 grams), most of the weight falls on the optical system of the lens. Well, what can I say: a good camera needs good lenses.

    Official specs say a thickness of 19.1 mm. That seems to be the case.

    In the widest part of the body, the thickness is 27 mm.

    ▌ Camera Accessories

    Despite the tight development time, GALAXY Camera will be accompanied by a fairly large collection of accessories. The camera needs a good case, and users definitely have plenty to choose from.

    As for the carrying cases, there are two varieties of them in different colors. In addition to them there are many more additional options.

    In addition, there were presented bags with a flip cover and cases “wallets”, as well as covers for quick shooting, belts, filters, bags on the waist and over the shoulder and many other details.

    Obviously, Samsung has high expectations for the GALAXY Camera. If you don’t believe me, then just keep reading! You haven’t seen much yet.

    The fact that the GALAXY Camera is currently available in only two colors does not matter, since there are a lot of multi-colored cases to choose from.

    What else do you want? Strobe flashes, viewfinders, external flashes, filter adapters and much more are also available.

    Here are some of the camera kits you could already see on Engadget .

    With the exception of a tripod, these cameras look more like prototypes. But, as mentioned earlier, Samsung has high hopes for this product, which may affect the availability of these sophisticated kits in the future.

    ▌ Other colors for GALAXY Camera

    Unfortunately, despite the wide variety of cameras in different colors that were presented at the exhibition, the possibility of acquiring them after the start of sales is still in question. As I mentioned above, this will depend on the reaction of the audience, so for now you will have to limit yourself to the presence of multi-colored cases for the new item. Although, judging by the interest of the guests of the exhibition, the orange color of the camera was the most popular of all.

    ▌ Video review of GALAXY Camera

    You are probably curious how the camera works in real conditions and at what speed it takes pictures, so I shot this process on video.

    The video demonstrates an autofocus (AF) performance test. As you can see, autofocus speed is faster than you might expect. According to Samsung, this is only a prototype, and the actual speed will be faster at the time of the start of sales.

    I also got the opportunity to do an approximation function test. As you approach, its level is displayed on the screen. You can also see that autofocus works great even at maximum magnification.

    ▌ Blogger's opinion about GALAXY Camera

    Before judging a camera, you must have a clear understanding of its concept. Image quality is not as good as in mirrorless cameras, and the size of the device and the functionality are not quite suitable for use as a smartphone.

    But that is not the point. Currently, most people who take pictures want to share their pictures on social media, rather than just storing photos on computers. Smartphones began to acquire good cameras, because of this, many stopped using separate cameras. But, in my experience, for really good shots you still need a full-fledged camera. On the other hand, modern devices lack convenient and fast file transfer functions, upload photos to social services. networks, photo banks or cloud services. GALAXY Camera allows you to do both, without any extra hassle.

    I spend a lot of time visiting and reviewing restaurants and other public places in various social networks. network services: believe it or not, the level of popularity of my reviews is quite high. To be sure that I publish my reviews and reviews among the first, it is extremely important for me to be able to quickly upload the best photos. This creates the need for better photo quality and high download speeds. Probably many bloggers need the same.

    GALAXY Camera was created for people like me. The device automatically uploads high-quality photos to cloud services faster than others.

    One of the drawbacks of this camera is that it cannot replace a telephone. Telecommunication companies want to sell such devices with limited functionality. But time will show that this is pointless.

    In addition, the image quality can not be compared with the quality that mirrorless cameras give out, like the NX1000, which also has a Wi-Fi connection (although it is not so convenient to use).

    Samsung representatives never said that they would not make mirrorless cameras with Android (such a device would make me happy). This is the final part of my review. The conclusion about the GALAXY Camera is up to you. My recommendations? If you get a chance to try out this new product, do not miss it!

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