Mouse pen

    I present a review of an unusual gadget that recently fell into my hands. It is a wireless optical mouse made in the form of a pen. The device is probably intended for drawing. More convenient than a mouse. A
    device was bought on ebay at a price of just over $ 10.


    The device is made of several plastic parts of medium quality. However, it lies well in the hand and minor flaws in the fit are visible only with careful study. The handle is equipped with three mouse buttons and a wheel. I must say that the location of the controls is chosen quite well, the fingers themselves get where they need to.Index - “left mouse button”, “right” under the thumb, the third - above the wheel (dubious decision).
    The device has an optical sensor with a red diode backlight. Resolution not specified, but expectedly low. Probably like the cheapest mice. Available in several different colors to choose from.
    A significant drawback was that the device only worked with the open cap of the battery compartment. The problem turned out to be that the Duracell battery purchased for it has a rather sharp end profile on the plus side and when it closes the cap loses contact with the spring. However, this problem was easily resolved with a “file” - he cut the plastic a little with the sharp edge of the scissors.

    Simple packaging and packaging - a mail package with a bunch of bubble bags, in which the device itself, a small stand and a tiny USB receiver are laid out, respectively. Fortunately, no drivers are needed - the device is easily recognized by the system as a USB HID Device. The pen is powered by one AAA battery. How many lives is unknown, there are no statistics yet. Can be turned off with a tiny switch.


    Buying this gadget, frankly, I didn’t really count on breakthrough drawing capabilities. And so it turned out. Yes, drawing simple pictures with this pen is a little more convenient than using a mouse, due to more precise finger movements. Also, in the process of drawing, the brush does not strain at all, which happens when drawing with the mouse. However, radically better drawings with this device does not work. Perhaps some skill is needed. But rather, the fact is that, in principle, I do not know how to draw, but bought the device out of curiosity.

    Unfortunately I can not compare the convenience with a graphics tablet, because never used the latter. But, I suspect that tablets of famous manufacturers are more convenient. At least because they are common, but such devices are not.
    For more convenient drawing, I reduced the speed of the mouse in the system, so that the movement of the pen more closely matches the result on the screen.
    I do not regret the purchase, I’ll probably come in handy in some task. Perhaps useful to you. Moreover, for the money. I won’t give any coordinates to sellers; look for the “pen mouse” on ebay.

    The traditional drawing in the end.

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