End Patent War Between Apple and HTC

    Yesterday, November 10, Apple and HTC entered into an agreement according to which they withdraw all claims filed against each other at the moment and sign a 10-year agreement on mutual licensing.

    Moreover, we are talking about both existing technologies and all those that will be patented in this period of time.

    HTC is happy to resolve its dispute with Apple - from now on, HTC will be able to focus on innovation, not litigation.

    - HTC CEO Peter Chow

    We are pleased to reach an agreement with HTC. We will continue to remain extremely focused on innovation.

    - Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Apparently, all kinds of suits are beginning to bother the largest companies, and very soon the flow of news that X has sued Y $ 100M will come to naught.

    Well, we wish the others to follow suit. Make love, not war.

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