Slax 7 Announced, New Version of Live Distribution

    For the first time about "pocket operating system" Slax on Habré was mentioned in 2008. Yes, not just mentioned, the author, Dolfer , wrote a couple of detailed articles about this system. It is a live distribution based on Slackware. Now is the seventh version of this distribution. The developer is Tomáš Matějíček. It is worth noting that Slax 7 takes up only about 190 MB, and works fine even on a PC with 256 MB of RAM.

    Slax 7 RC 1 is based on the Linux 3.6.6 kernel, and uses the KDE 4.9.2 window interface. In addition, the developer included the Firefox browser, few games, a document viewer, several media applications and utilities. In general, all that is usually needed for a live-system.

    The developer distributes the distribution for free, by itself. Here are the versions of Slax 7 for different media:

    Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ISO - 184MB (for CD / DVD) *
    Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ZIP - 184MB (for USB) *
    Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ISO - 189MB (for CD / DVD) *
    Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ZIP - 189MB (for USB) *

    Wanting to get some money for his work, Tomáš Matějíček sells Slax 7, preinstalled on a pretty DataTraveler SE9 flash drive with a metal case. All this will be sold at a price of 25 cu, starting from December 15.


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