Office will come out for iOS and Android


    A month ago, the company already had a leak of such information from the Czech division , but at that time everything was denied. Now there is official confirmation that for iOS the office will appear in late February or early March next year, and for the “android” version is expected a little later - in May 2013.

    However, the free version will only allow you to view documents. For editing, you will need to have an Office 365 subscription (you can pay directly from the application). However, as reported, editing will not have the level and capabilities of the usual desktop version (which is quite expected).

    We hope that now there is a real prospect of getting a normal “viewer” of complex office documents. As many may know, current iOS programs (Office² HD, Pages, etc.) do not open or display incompletely such complex graphics and formatting files that are often present in corporate reports and documents.

    I suggest that you make in the comments a review of the most successful in this regard (viewing complex documents with graphs and tables) existing analogues (who uses what, on what platform), since spring 2013 is still far away.

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