Aichi-Event.rf - all IT-events of the Runet!

    Today we are launching our new project, Aichi-Event.rf , a portal covering events in the field of information technology, robotics and telecom in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Now about 140 events have already been added to the site and every day we publish ~ 5-10 new ones. To date, we have implemented almost all of the planned basic functionality of the site. The current state of the portal is beta .

    Twi Translator

    In the “Twi-Broadcasts” tab in the spirit of our time, we have implemented the integration of events with Twitter. This is a tab for events that are discussed on Twitter under their hashtag (or more). Through the API, we knock on twitter, get tweets according to the hashtags we need, do spam and censorship checks, store them in our database and then display on the pages of events to which these hashtags are attached. Online twi-broadcast updates occur every 3 minutes. ( here )

    A little later we plan to implement video broadcasts.

    Event news

    In fact, this is the same as the twi-broadcast. News is displayed before the event, in a special tab "News", their update period is 3 hours. In the news, the organizers can inform the participants about the progress of the event using Twitter.

    Event Summary

    After the event, the organizer can add a “Report” on the event and post presentations (or links to them). Participants, even without registration, can leave their reviews, upload photos and links to videos.

    Social Media Integration

    For ourselves, we identified 4 social networks and created our own groups in them: Vkontakte , Facebook , Linkedin and Twitter . In these groups we will report on new events, on the beginnings of broadcasts and on the addition of final materials.
    At the moment, we are conducting the groups in “manual mode” - automation of this process is ahead.

    Join us:

    Event Type

    Link to this event .


    There are 6 types of tabs in total:
    1. Announcement
    2. Program
    3. Speakers
    4. news
    5. Broadcast
    6. Summary

    The Summary tab , in turn, can consist of 4 sub tabs:
    1. Report
    2. Reviews
    3. Gallery ( photos and video )
    4. Presentations

    The Announcement, Program, Speakers and Report tabs have a built-in CKEditor editor, but for a slightly more advanced audience it will be nice to know that you can fully use the HTML markup language in these tabs. For all events, only the Announcement tab is required, all other tabs are displayed if they are NOT empty.

    Add Event

    Any registered user can add an event, after which it will be moderated.
    If you know about an event that is not on our site, send us a link ( and we will add it ourselves.

    Edit existing event

    If the site already has an event you are organizing, register and contact us ( so that we give you the right to edit it.


    We thank the company e-Legion , which helped us with the development of this portal! Thank you very much!

    In custody

    There are quite a few different services and sites that cover events in the IT field, but the peculiarity of our portal is that we not only announce ALL RuNet events, representing the largest aggregating platform, but also cover the course of the event itself, and after that we talk about results.

    " Aichi-Sobytie.rf " - we want to see in the IT sector has become more interesting and rewarding experiences!

    We are very interested to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions and suggestions (you can e-mail, to which we will certainly listen.

    And now we have crossed our fingers and are waiting for your reaction, because we made this portal for you!

    Everyone go offline!

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