Integration of 3CX with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In this article we will explain how to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration to IP PBX 3CX.

At the moment, 3CX completes support for client-side integration 3CXPhone and transfers all CRM integration to the PBX server side using REST API technology. This allows you to configure integration once for all users in the 3CX management interface. The administrator does not need to bypass all workplaces and even install any application on users' computers - it is enough to use the 3CX browser web client.
When an incoming call in the web client interface opens a mini contact card from CRM with the name, surname and phone number. There is a small button on the card, clicking on which you will open the complete card directly in the CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface.

Recall that all CRM integration is included for free in the 3CX Pro license .

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sign in to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account, and then go to the Azure portal to create the application you need for authentication. Navigate to Azure Active Directory> App registrations, New application registration button.

Specify application parameters:

After clicking the Create button, you will see these applications, in particular, the Application ID, which is then indicated on the 3CX side.

Next, you need to specify permissions to access information in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Go to Settings> Required permissions, Add button.

Click Select an API and choose Dynamics CRM Online API.

Set all available permissions, and then click Select and Done.

You can remove the permission of Windows Azure Active Directory because it is not required for integration work. Authentication application created.

Now you should get the Tenant ID, which is also used on the server side 3CX. Navigate to Azure Active Directory> App registrations, Endpoints button.

Record the tenant string that appears in the endpoint URL. For example, OAUTH 2.0 AUTHORIZATION ENDPOINT has the URL . Here is the tenant string dedc4ebb-183f-42e2-9192-92eb425a027d.

Configuring 3CX server CRM integration

Go to Settings> CRM Integration, Server-side tab, and download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.

Then select DynamicsCRM from the drop-down list.

Specify the Application ID and Tenant parameters copied in the previous steps. Here Domain is the web address of your Dynamics 365 portal. Then click Authorize. A new tab will open asking for permissions for the application.

Click Accept - an authorization token will appear under the Authorize button. Save the changes.

At the end, you can test the integration work by clicking the Test button.

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