Implement agile how to cook pies

    imageRecently, one of the trainings came up with an excellent analogy to the agile implementation process, showing well enough why this implementation itself often fails.
    So, imagine that you are making a pie, although you have never tried anything like this before. What will you do if you are an adequate person. You will find a recipe, buy all the necessary ingredients and measure them with a measuring cup. Then you will clearly follow the baking process, measuring every minute and at the exit you will get a great pie. What's next?

    Further, if you like the cake you baked, for a long time you will clearly follow the recipe. After a while, you will already begin to experiment with the amount of ingredients. Well, when you feel like an experienced pastry chef, you start to bake everything that your heart desires.

    All this is a clear example of following the ShuHaRi training concept, which came from martial arts.
    Level 1: Shu ("obey")
    Learn the basic rules. Do-It-Do-It-Yourself Learning
    Level 2: Ha (“Deviate”)
    Understanding exceptions when the basic rules don't work. Search for alternative ways and new techniques.
    Level 3: Ri - (“Separate”)
    Outgrow the basic rules, just live by the basic principles, without hesitation.
    It seems to me that this is a very simple analogy that explains why the implementation of agile failed, when they say:
    • we worked on iterations: iteration of collection of requirements, iteration of development and iteration of testing
    • we have kanban, but we do not limit WIP
    • we have teams, but every iteration they change
    • Our product, OUNER / SCrum master, sets goals
    • ...


    Therefore, when you or your company prepares to implement agile practices, then think about whether you have enough strength for the Shu stage.

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