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    Technically, The British Intelligence Officers Exam is another promo game timed to coincide with the release of the film and advertises sponsorship products, however, among other things, it is also the most authentic experience of being in the shoes of a secret agent that I met. And, what is extremely rare these days, it’s also a text quest visually designed to work on the command line on a remote computer - the status of connection to proxy servers or testing of computer systems flash on the screen. Some Western forums even met reviews in the spirit of “I opened your link and turned it off right away, it seems to me that I’m hacking the Pentagon !!!”, the alarmists had to reassure and say that this was just a game.

    Although, again, taking into account its pedigree - the project was presented by Hide & Seek, people who organized their crazy exhibition of the “new gaming experience” (if you don’t know, read about The Hide & Seek Festival: Social Gaming UK - an extremely interesting event) - this is not so surprising as it might seem at first glance. In short, TBIOE does not allow you to directly control the character, instead you talk to field agents and help them complete a number of tasks - for example, hide with valuable data from villains or track down an important arms dealer. In a couple of points that struck me separately, I even have to make quite serious moral decisions that I really thought about. The best part about TBIOE is that agents are not

    The player will spend most of the time reading the text, but at times the agents send various pictures, whether it be a photograph of a bomb or a floor plan.

    And this happens, it seems to me because of the following small details. Agents do not respond immediately, it seems that they really print the answer - which creates a feeling of real dialogue. From time to time they make gloomy jokes, express their fears and fears, as a result, in many moments, for example, when the timer on the bio-bomb counts down, and we feverishly go through our options, it’s very easy to forget that communication doesn’t actually happen with another person, but with a soulless car.

    So, despite the fact that the agents are by and large faceless - their biography is unknown, not to mention the names, I began to worry about them in a strange way. When one of them, with my help, escaped certain death, and then thanked me for saving me for a long time, I smiled like an idiot. It was a very strange moment - at least because I successfully convinced someone that I was really an expert in the disposal of explosive devices and that I could be completely and completely trusted in this matter, although I acted, frankly, at random. The game is available only in English - given a sufficiently powerful semantic analyzer, to translate into other languages, you would have to rewrite a good half of the code.

    Or, for example, after the very first passage of the first mission, this blonde bitch from MI6, whose elastic ass I just saved from five pursuers (nothing is said about the hair color and loin in the game, but text quests are good - the imagination itself completes picture), nodded her head on duty and expressed her dissatisfaction with the death of the bad guys - the authorities will have no one to interrogate. I had to replay and act in a slightly more sophisticated way. Actually, at such moments you understand how important these seemingly trifles are for the game.

    Everything is not so perfect, of course, sometimes failures occur, as a rule, due to the imperfection of the game engine. So, I lost the agent because I tried to rephrase the previous sentence, the meaning of which he did not understand. Seconds before death, they wrote to me: "Um, could you suggest something as soon as possible?" And I told you what to do, you moron, and who died now ?! Arrr! To complete the task "excellent", you have to use the Sony equipment that is available from the agent. Which is understandable, after all, a promo game.

    In general, this is a very pleasant, high-quality experiment, which I highly recommend getting acquainted with, at least because I suggest you BUY SONY VAIO PHONE SONY XPERIA TABLET SONY SONY SONY, ahem, sorry. This is the side effects of TBIOE, I think you will very quickly understand what I had in mind when you start playing.

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    PS The new James Bond "Skyfall Coordinates" is now at the box office, and this movie is worth watching on the big screen. Well, Sony smartphone owners will be pleased to see familiar models on the screen, for example, in a scene where M speaks on the phone, on which the transparent strip of one of the NXT-series models blinks.

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