New Megaupload will begin work in January 2013

    On Habré several times it was said that the file-sharing resource Megaupload will be restarted , and its creator, Kim Dotkom, will do everything to make the resource even more attractive to users than before. It is worth recalling that the old Megaupload was closed on January 19 this year. Dotkom himself was arrested, his accounts were frozen. After some time, it turned out that the arrest was carried out with errors, and the resource itself was closed seemingly illegally. Be that as it may, Dotkom was released on bail a month later. Immediately after leaving prison, Dotkom promised to open a new file hosting service, and it will be called Mega. It seems that in a few months we will see this creation.

    According to the plan, the resource will be maximally protected from all kinds of methods of blocking and seizing by representatives of the law. The data of users who will work with the resource will also be protected through various encryption systems. And the launch of the new version of the file hosting will be held on the anniversary of the Megaupload blocking, January 19, 2013.

    Unfortunately, so far, restoring old data that was on Megaupload servers is not possible. Authorities still block all this information. Dotom claims that he will try to prove in court the need to return data to old Megaupload users, but this is unlikely.

    By the way, the trial itself has not yet been completed. The fact is that in 2013 new court hearings will be held, after considering the violations committed by the New Zealand police during the arrest of the Dotcom. But it may well be that Dotcom and his colleagues will launch not only the Mega file hosting service, but also a new music service, which was also reported earlier.

    Via thecmuwebsite

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