Google launched the sale of 32GB Nexus 7, 3G model will appear in November

    In addition to the news already published on Habré about the official announcement of Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 , there is one more, no less interesting, news. The fact is that Google introduced two new Nexus 7 models. The first is with 32 GB of memory, and the second is similar, but with 3G. As expected, a tablet with 8 GB of internal memory disappeared from the assortment of “tablets” sold. Among other things, prices for previous models have been changed.

    Starting today, the 16 GB Nexus 7 model can be purchased for $ 199. A 32 GB model can be purchased for only $ 249. The list of countries where the Good Corporation tablets are sold includes the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Japan and some European countries.

    The model with the 3G module will go on sale on November 13 at a price of $ 299.

    This is the price for the unlocked version of the “tablet”, which can work on any network with HSPA +. According to representatives of the corporation, these are about 200 GSM-operators, including AT&T in the USA.

    You can buy the described tablets in the Google Play Store .

    The basic configuration of the Nexus 7 tablets has not changed. Nvidia Tegra 3 platform, 1 GB of RAM, a display with a resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels.

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