uCoz - system user statistics for seven years

    Today marks the 7th anniversary of the opening of the uCoz web service.
    In this regard, I wanted to share a little, I am sure, interesting statistics.
    At the beginning, the numbers will be interesting, although a little laudatory. And then just curious: the number of live sites, age and sex structure of their creators, etc.

    Separately, it must be said that traditionally companies are reluctant to share such information, consider it a trade secret, and even less often disclose the calculation methodology, trying to declare the most loud and overstated figures.
    In this regard, from the very beginning, Yukoz chose a fundamentally different model. We did not overestimate the data on the number of sites in the system, declaring only “live”. I want to continue this tradition.

    If we talk about high-profile figures, we can say that over 7 years more than 17 million sites have been created in the system . But this includes registrations by bots, which nevertheless regularly crawl through our difficult registration, and which we mercilessly delete. A huge number of test sites created for experiments, checks, alternate aerodromes, etc., whose life cycle is traditionally short, and which are also automatically deleted. And, of course, this figure includes a large number of sites that, once once created, then turned out to be abandoned by the creators, and also ceased to exist.

    Total, today we have 1 million 114 thousand 379 active sites . They, in turn, are created by approximately 580 thousand administrators.

    That is, we can say that on average there are approximately two “live” sites per active user of the system. Moreover, the most active have noticeably more than two or three sites, there are those who have more than a hundred of them, and all these are full-fledged sites. Own or client.

    Of course, some of the sites are test ones whose lifespan is short, or created not so long ago, and they, together with their owners, will not remain in the system. But during this time new ones will come, and not in less quantity.

    All these sites generate very noticeable traffic. The total number of system hosts is 8 million per day.

    The most popular service and method for comparing Internet projects is traditionally Alexa Internet.

    According to her, ucoz.ru is no less traditionally included inthe top 200 on world sites, and in Russia and Ukraine today is in 13th position . But, if we recall that Yukoz also has other domains, in particular ucoz.com , and that, for example, in Alex’s top in Russia we can see Google twice, in the form of google.ru and google.com, then we get the same traditional entry in the top 10 .
    By the way, Alexa only takes into account sites on our domains, that is, does not consider sites with their domains as second-level .ru, .com type. and the third - .net.ru, com.ua, etc. And our statistics for today is such, and this is already an interesting statistic, that 2/3 of the trafficsystems account specifically for sites with their domain. Which is not surprising. The better and older the site, the more likely it is to acquire its second-level domain.

    Traffic generated by uCoz sites

    It is interesting here that this ratio is changing quite dynamically. And a year and a half ago it was 50 to 50, and before that the share of traffic to sites with their domains was less. That is, we can say that our webmasters, and indeed webmasters in general, are demonstrating an increasingly mature approach to web building and their sites.

    Site building and computers have always attracted more boys than girls, so the sexual structure will not surprise you.

    Schedule of distribution of uCoz administrators by gender.  Gender

    However, the percentage of girls webmasters increased (by 4.8% compared to 2008), so in the place of a strong half of humanity, I would not relax ...
    Meanwhile, while our girls are actively mastering website building, it turned out that young people began to be interested in women's topics. For the sake of experiment, we counted boys and girls registered on sites of female subjects (diets, knitting, cometology, etc.) and male subjects (cars, fishing, football, etc.), and found that boys are more likely to sit on female sites than girls on men’s.

    Gender distribution of uID accounts on male and female sites
    Gender distribution of uID accounts on male and female sites

    As for the age structure of administrators of active uCoz sites, it will delight those who love holivars on the topic of shkolota on the Internet and in Yukoz. And, of course, our users grow up with us.

    Site administrators by age

    An honorable first place in terms of number is occupied by Yukoz residents aged 16 to 20. The so-called working youth, who, having graduated from a university, still finds time for webmastering or even makes money with it, got into second place. The third place is occupied by schoolchildren, who in recent years have been increasingly active and have previously mastered the Internet and site building in particular. Separately, it is worth saying that the number of site administrators from 36 years of age and older is slowly but surely growing over the past 4 years. Keep it up!
    Internationality can be judged by the languages ​​in which sites are created in the system.
    There are no surprises here either - most of our users create resources in Russian.

    Distribution of sites in the uCoz system by language

    Among sites in foreign languages, sites in English prevail, the second place is occupied by sites created in Ukrainian, and Romanian and Spanish share bronze. The share of non-Russian-language uCoz sites is actively growing: it doubled from 2010 to 2012.

    Distribution of non-speaking sites in the uCoz system

    About 20 percent of the system’s sites participate in the uCoz TOP ranking , in which they choose their category. 20% of the participants did not really decide on the topic and listed their sites in the “Other” category. The list of those who indicated the category is as follows:

    Categorization of sites in TOP uCoz

    The subcategories are grouped into the business category: companies, e-commerce, real estate, construction, insurance, business and finance, services and goods.
    In the category of entertainment, subcategories are grouped: humor, cinema, literature, leisure, photo.

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