NetBSD 6.0

Already 10 days have passed, and on Habré the news about the fresh major release of NetBSD did not appear. I think it’s worth fixing this omission :)

The new version includes support for thread-local storage (TLS), LVM. The disk quota system was rewritten, a new subsystem for managing flash devices and NAND controllers was organized, support for the experimental CHFS file system for flash memory was introduced, and support for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) protocol was introduced. Also, the new version uses the modular kernel by default. (it is possible to assemble and use a monolithic core).

NPF, a new packet filter designed with multi-core systems in mind, can filter TCP / IP traffic, including stateful inspection, and supports NAT.

Among others:

  • SMP support and initial suspend / resume support for Xen domU are included. PCI pass-through support for Xen3, as well as the balloon driver, which is used for dynamic memory allocation.
  • Improved support for Linux binary executables.
  • Strong changes in the MIPS version: added support for SMP and 64-bit processors (O32, N32, N64 ABI), DSP v2 ASE extensions, various NetLogic / RMI processor models, Loongson processors, and new SoCs
  • Improved SMP support on PowerPC; Book E Freescale MPC85xx (e500 core) processors are now supported
  • Support for the ARM platform was replenished with the Cortex-A8 processor, various new SoCs. Initial Raspberry Pi support announced. Full support is promised with the next version.
  • The base system now also includes its own implementation of the PGP standard - NetPGP
  • ZFS code was transferred from OpenSolaris, but so far only as an experiment. Does not work
  • time_t is now 64-bit in all ports, so NetBSD does not threaten the End of the World in 2037


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